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tag description no. of articles
BNFLBritish Nuclear Fuels Ltd (see also BNG)836
BNGBritish Nuclear Group (BNG); part of BNFL (UK)52
BODEM VERVUILINGcontents of this keyword is to Lozingen-bodem52
BOFORS ABSwedish arms factory1
BOGAARDT, MAARTENDirector UCN 1970-1981, then ITEC Business Development1
BOHUNICE, SLOVAKIA4 & 1 GCHWR location VVER reactors66
BONUSBoiling Nuclear (Super Heat) - reactor1
BORAX VBorax V, American type of reactor3
BORSSELElocation of 1 PWR reactor, Netherlands266
BOSNIA HERZEGOVINAcountry in Europe; part of former Yugoslavia3
BOTSWANAcountry in Africa1
BPBritish Petroleum Refinery Netherlands NV7
BP AUSTRALIA LTD.BP Australia ltd.4
BRADWELL, GBBradwell, UK54
BRAIDWOOD, USABraidwood, Illinois, USA51
BRAZILcountry in South America, capital: Brasilia198
BREEDER REACTORSSodium cooled, current model510
BREEDERREACTOR (GASCOOLED)Gas-cooled breeder reactor24
BRENNILIS (EL 4)Brennilis (El 4), France9
BRIBERYBribery scandal.29
BRITISH ENERGYenglish company after privatization344
BRITISH STEEL ENG.British Steel Engineering, Workington1
BRODALEN(Poss.) Location power plant west coast of Sweden1
BROKDORF, GERMANYBrokdorf, Germany87
BROOKHAVEN-BNLBrookhaven National Laboratry15
BROWNS FERRY, USABrowns Ferry, Alabama, USA87
BRUCE, CANADABruce, Canada122