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2009-09 Nuclear Waste Uncertainties and Questions about Costs and Risks Persist with DOE’s Tank Waste Cleanup Strategy at Hanford: GAO 09913.US GAO united states - sites - hanford
2003-10 NRC Needs More Effective Analysis to Ensure Accumulation of Funds to Decommission Nuclear Power PlantsUS GAO costs
1996-10Implications of the US/North Korean Agreement on Nuclear IssuesUS GAO south korea - north korea
1993-05Nuclear Waste. Yucca Mountain Project. Behind schedule and Facing Major Scientific UncertaintiesUS GAO united states - waste - yucca mountain
1993Operation Desert StormUS GAO depleted uranium - locations desert storm / iraq / kuwait
1992-08Status of DOE's Self-Supporting Isotope ProgramUS GAO applications radionuclides - other
1992-06Consideration Accelerator Production of Tritium Requires R&DUS GAO miscellaneous - superconducting / cern / particles accelerators
1992-06DOE's Selfsupporting Isotope Program Experiencing ProblemsUS GAO applications radionuclides - other
1992-03Development of casks for transporting spent fuel needs modificationUS GAO united states - waste - general
1986-11Unresolved Issues concerning Hanford's waste management practicesUS GAO united states - sites - hanford
1979-11Placing resident inspectors at nuclear powerplant sites: Is it Working?US GAO united states - safety
1979-10Emergency preparedness around the Rancho Seco NPP. A Case studyUS GAO united states - sites - rancho seco
1979-07Comments on Administration's White Paper: The Clinch River Breeder Reactor Project -An end to the impasseUS GAO united states - clinch river breeder
1979-07Analysis of estimated cost for 3 Pacific Northwest NPPUS GAO united states - sites - north west other
1979-06Federal facilities on storing spent nuclear fuel. Are they needed?US GAO united states - waste - general
1979-06Nuclear Power Costs And SubsidiesUS GAO costs
1979-05Questions on future of nuclear power: implications and trade-offsUS GAO united states - general
1979-05The Clinch River Breeder Reactor. Should Congress continue to fund it?US GAO united states - clinch river breeder
1977-06Cleaning up remains of nuclear facilities. A multi-billion dollar problemUS GAO decommissioning
DOEs Efforts to close Russia’s Plutonium Production Reactors Faces Challenges, and Final Shutdown is UncertainUS GAO russia - proliferation policy