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Mongolia’s natural resources. Burdening or benefiting democracy?

AuthorBoth Ends, P.Jansen
Classification (MONGOLIA)

From the publication:

Mongolia’s natural resources,
burdening or benefiting democracy?
How energy democracy should come on a Mongolian horse or camel

The European Union, the government of
the Netherlands as well as other western
governments and institutions have the
ambition to help democratize the countries
that belonged to the former Soviet Union.
However, their policies over the last twenty-five
years have failed to do so, and in many cases
have even had the opposite effect. Economic
self-interest and geostrategic considerations in
practice take precedence over the mission of
Investments by the EU and the European Bank
for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in
the former Soviet countries are mostly focused
on mining and large-scale infrastructure for
the export of natural resources. International
public banks and EU aid and trade treaties
have imposed the liberalization of prices,
opening of markets and privatization of stateowned
enterprises in countries such as Russia,
Ukraine and Mongolia, a country under former
Soviet influence.

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