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2011-09 White paper on nuclear energy in Jordan. Final RepportJAEC, WorleyParsons jordanië
2001-11 Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd Cernavoda Unit 2 NPP Envir.Assessment SummaryAECL roemenië - installaties
2000Ненасильственные акции прямого действия политический и экологический активизмЭкозащита(EcoDefense) rusland - akb & oppositie
1995-09Social and Ethical Issues Surrounding the Disposal of Nuclear Fuel Waste -A Canadian PerspectiveAECL, Allan, Greber canada - afval
1994-09Summary of the environmental impact statement on the concept for disposal of Canada's nuclear fuel wasteAECL canada - afval
1994-07The Disposal of Canada's Nuclear Fuel Waste: Public Involvement and Social AspectsAECL, Greber, Frech, Hillier canada - afval
1992-06Advanced design nuclear power plants: competitive, economical electricityUSAEC kosten
1992Candu 3 - the right product for the timesAECL veiligheid - reactoren - candu
1991-10Prospects for Saskatchewan's nuclear industry...AECL canada - algemeen
1991-10Moral and Ethical Issues related to the Nuclear Fuel Waste Disposal ConceptH.Stevenson, AECL canada - afval
1991-08Chernobyl - A Canadian PerspectiveAECL tsjernobyl - ongeluk & omgeving - algemeen
1990-07Nuclear power in Canada: the CANDU systemAECL canada - algemeen
1987-04Cobalt 60. The future is todayAECL allerlei - voedselbestraling
1987Chernobyl - A Canadian Technical PerspectiveAECL tsjernobyl - ongeluk & omgeving - algemeen
1987Canada's nuclear expertiseAECL canada - algemeen
1987Fusion - energy for the futureFusion Canada, AECL kernfusie - algemeen
1986-10Years of Achievement 1946-1986AECL canada - algemeen
1986-05ControlAECB canada - algemeen
1986Nuclear CanadaAECL canada - algemeen
1986AcceleratorsW.Kernan, USAEC allerlei - supergeleiding/cern/deeltjesversnellers
1985-10Irradiation DivisionAECL, Industrial allerlei - voedselbestraling
1985-03Radiation is Part of Your LifeAECL straling - algemeen
1983-09CRNL. A flexible ResourceAECL canada - reactoren
1983Nuclear Technology in CanadaAECL canada - algemeen
1982-09Risk estimates for the health effects of Alpha radiationThomas, McNeill, AECB straling - gevolgen - werknemers/sters
1982-05The Development and Evaluation of Synroc for High Level Radioactive Waste ImmobilizationReeve, Levins, Ramm, Woolfrey, AAEC afval - opslag op land (oa zout/klei)
1981-02Loss-of-coolant accidents with impaired emergency coolant injectionJ.T.Rogers, AECL veiligheid - reactoren - candu
1980-09Ramger Uranium Project. Deed of AssignmentCommonwealth, AAEC, ERA australië - mijnen - ranger
1980-03TMI. A review of the accident and its implications for CANDUPannell, Campbel, . AECL veiligheid - reactoren - candu
1978-05Risk of energy productionAECB, H.Inhaber veiligheid - risico-analyses & -beleving
1976-08The canadian nuclear program: safe...J.A.L.Robertson, AECL canada - algemeen
1975Dios esta angustiadoMaria E. Gonzales Olaechea romans & poëzie
1974-11Review of the Reactor Safety Study (WASH-1400) draft of August 1974USAEC veiligheid - risico-analyses & -beleving
1974-11Radioisotope productionMin.of culture & science, greek AEC straling - algemeen
1974-08Reactor safety study. Summary report. Draft (WASH-1400)USAEC veiligheid - risico-analyses & -beleving
1973-04Population distribution around nuclear power plants sitesAEC veiligheid - centrales - lokatiekeuze/rampenplannen
1972-02Bibliography of non-destructive assay methods for nuclear material safeguards. WASH-1170R.R.Edwards, USAEC proliferatie - npv - controle/safeguards
1971-04Cannikin environmental statementAEC vs - proliferatiebeleid - kernwapens & proeven
1971A bibliography of basic books on atomic energyUSAEC allerlei - recensies - woord
1968The Atom and the OceanUSAEC allerlei - reactoren op zee - onderzeeërs - algemeen/rest
1966Radioisotopes in MedicineE.W.Phelan, AEC allerlei - nucleaire geneeskunde - medische isotopen
1965Radioisotopes in industryP.Baker, USAEC toepassingen radionucliden - rest
CANDU nuclear generating station. Technical summaryAECL canada - reactoren
Understanding nuclear powerAECL algemeen
Food irradiators. Pallet conceptAECL, McKinnon allerlei - voedselbestraling