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2003Key world statistics 2003IEA belang mondiaal
2001Key world energy statistics from the IEA; 2001 editionIEA belang mondiaal
2001Nuclear power in the OECDNEA, IEA belang mondiaal
2000Business as usual and nuclear power.IEA, NEA algemeen
2000Key World Energy Statistics from the IEAIEA belang mondiaal
1998-10Projected costs of generating electricity. Update 1998NEA, IEA kosten
1993-03Nuclear power and Safety in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet UnionWorld Bank, IEA veiligheid - reactoren - oosteuropees algemeen
1993World Energy OutlookIEA, OECD belang mondiaal
1990-04Special project to develop comprehensive outlook on global energy demand & supply among non-member countriesNEA, IEA belang mondiaal
1990-04Energy developments and policies of the Asian newly industrializedNEA, IEA belang mondiaal
1989-03Draft country report of the U.S.NEA, IEA vs - algemeen
1989-03Draft country report of JapanNEA, IEA japan - algemeen
1989-03Draft general report on 1988 review of national energy policies and programmes of IEA countriesNEA, IEA belang mondiaal
1989Projected costs of generating electricity from power stations for commissioning in the period 1995-2000NEA, IEA kosten
1987-11Costs of generating electricityIEA kosten
1987-10Responsibilities of international organisations in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protectionIEA, OECD veiligheid - algemeen
1967The Political Economy of Nuclear EnergyD.Burn, IEA geschiedenis ontwikkeling kernenergie