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2017-04 2017 Medical Isotope Supply Review: Mo/Tc Market Demand and Production Capacity Projection 2017-2022OECD, NEA allerlei - medische toepassingen -radio-isotopes
2016-01 Uranium 2016: Resources, Production and Demand (redbook)IAEA, NEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
2014-03 Kostenreductie Ontmantelingsplan 2011 KCD als gevolg van innovatie en overige ontwikkelingenCOVRA, Min. EZ, GKN, ENEA dodewaard - algemeen
2013-03 The Supply of Medical Radioisotopes. Implementation of the HLG-MR Policy Approach. Results from a Self-assessment by the Global 99Mo/99mTc Supply ChainOECD, NEA allerlei - medische toepassingen -radio-isotopes
2012 The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident. OECD/NEA nuclear safety respons and lessons learnt OECD, NEA japan - fukushima (dai’ichi ongeluk)
2011 Uranium Resources, Production and Demand 2011NEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
2010Energie in 2030: maatschappelijke keuzes van nuGanzevles, v. Est, Ratheneau Instituut algemeen
2009 Uranium Resources, production and demand 2009NEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
2007 Uranium Resources, Production and Demand 2007 (Redbook)NEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
2007-02An overview of nuclear facilities in Iran, Israel and TurkeyGreenpeace Mediterranean midden oosten - algemeen
2005Disposal of Radioactive Waste: Forming a New Approach in GermanyNEA duitsland - afval - algemeen
2005Nuclear Power Plant Operational Experience. 2002-2005 Incident Reporting SystemNEA, IAEA veiligheid - reactoren - algemeen
2005Stakeholders and Radiological Protection: Lessons from Chernobyl 20 Years AfterNEA straling - algemeen
2005Occupational Exposures at Nuclear Power Plant. 14th Annual report ISOENEA straling - gevolgen - werknemers/sters
2005Building, Measuring and Improving Public Confidence in the Nuclear RegulatorNEA samenwerkingsverbanden - iea/nea/oecd/etc.
2003Government and Nuclear EnergyNEA aansprakelijkheid/verzekeringen/wetgeving
2003Direct Indicators of Nuclear Regulatory Efficiency and EffectivenessNEA aansprakelijkheid/verzekeringen/wetgeving
2002Nuclear Energy in a Sustainable Development PerspectiveNEA algemeen
2002Nuclear Legislation in Central and Eastern Europe and NIS 2003 overviewNEA aansprakelijkheid/verzekeringen/wetgeving
2002Regulatory and Industry Co-operation on Nuclear Safety ResearchNEA veiligheid - reactoren - algemeen
2002A New Approach in the Field of Radiological ProtectionNEA straling - algemeen
2002Engineered Barier Systems and the Safety of Deep Geological RepositoriesNEA afval - opslag op land/zout
2001Stepwise decision making in Finland for the disposal of spent nuclear fuel. Workshop proceedings Turku, Finland 15-16 November 2001NEA finland - afval
2001Nuclear energy and the Kyoto ProtocolNEA ke & broeikas - wel/niet oplossing + scenario's
2001Environmental remediation of uranium production facilitiesNEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
2001The decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilitiesNEA ontmanteling
2001The nuclear regulatory challenge of judging safety backfitsNEA veiligheid - algemeen
2001Workshop on advanced nuclear reactor safety issues and research needs. Paris, France 18-20 February 2002NEA veiligheid - reactoren - nieuwe generaties - algemeen
2001The way forward in radiological protectionNEA straling - normen
2001ISOE - Information System on Occupational Exposure. Ten years of experienceNEA straling - gevolgen - werknemers/sters
2001Establishing and communicating confidence in safety of deep geological disposalNEA afval - opslag op land/zout
2001Radionuclide retention in geologic media. Workshop proceedings Oskarshamn, Sweden 7-9 May 2001NEA afval - opslag op land/zout
2001 Accelerator-Driven Systems (ADS) and Fast Reactors (FR) in Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles. A Comparative StudyNEA afval - actiniden (-transmutatie/verbranden)
2000Nuclear power in the OECDNEA, IEA belang mondiaal
2000Trends in the nuclear fuel cycleNEA technisch - algemeen
2000Collective statement on the role of research in a nuclear regulatory contextNEA veiligheid - algemeen
2000Collective statement on major nuclear safety research facilities and programmes at risk. Joint OECD projects and centres of excellenceNEA veiligheid - algemeen
2000Assuring future nuclear safety competencies. Specific actionsNEA veiligheid - algemeen
2000Nuclear regulatory challenges arising from competition in electricity marketsNEA veiligheid - algemeen
2000Improving nuclear regulatory effectivenessNEA veiligheid - algemeen
2000Nuclear safety research in OECD countries. Summary report of major facilities and programmes at riskNEA veiligheid - reactoren - algemeen
2000Nuclear fuel safety criteria technical reviewNEA veiligheid - reactoren - druk- en kokendwater
2000Nuclear production of hydrogen. First information exchange meeting 10-2000NEA veiligheid - reactoren - nucleare hydrogenproductie
2000Policy issues in radiological protection decision making. Summary of the 2nd Villigen workshopNEA veiligheid - risico-analyses & -beleving
2000Experience from international nuclear emergency exercises. The INEX 2 seriesNEA veiligheid - centrales - lokatiekeuze/rampenplannen
2000Second international nuclear emergency exercise INEX 2. Final report of the Hungarian regional exerciseNEA veiligheid - centrales - lokatiekeuze/rampenplannen
2000Updates on Waste Management Policies and ProgrammesNEA afval - opslag op land/zout
2000Confidence in models of radionuclide transport for site-specific assessment. Workshop proceedings Carlsbad ... 14-17 June 1999. Hosted by the US DOENEA afval - opslag op land/zout
2000-12Reform of civil nuclear liability. International symposium Budapest, Hungary 31 May – 3 June 1999NEA aansprakelijkheid/verzekeringen/wetgeving
1999Business as usual and nuclear power.IEA, NEA algemeen
1999Nuclear power in Competitive Electricity MarketsNEA kosten
1999Reduction of capital costs of nuclear power plantsNEA kosten
1999Nuclear legislation in Central and Eastern Europe and the NISNEA aansprakelijkheid/verzekeringen/wetgeving
1999Assuring Nuclear Safety Competence into the 21ste CenturyNEA veiligheid - reactoren - algemeen
1999Nuclear power plant life management in a changing business world. Workshop proceedings Washington ... 26-27 June 2000. Hosted by the US DOENEA veiligheid - reactoren - algemeen
1999Second international nuclear emergency exercise INEX 2. Final report of Finnish regional exerciseNEA veiligheid - centrales - lokatiekeuze/rampenplannen
1999Monitoring and data management strategies for nuclear emergenciesNEA veiligheid - centrales - lokatiekeuze/rampenplannen
1999Occupational exposures at nuclear power plants. ISOE. Tenth annual reportNEA straling - gevolgen - werknemers/sters
1999Radiological impacts of spent nuclear fuel management optionsNEA afval - algemeen
1999Catalogue of publications 2000NEA allerlei - recensies - woord
1999Beneficial uses and production of isotopes. 2000 UpdateNEA toepassingen radionucliden - rest
1999-09Environmental Activities in Uranium Mining and MillingNEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1999-03Russian Minatom Nuclear Safety Research Strategic PlanNEA rusland - algemeen
1998Glossary of Nuclear Power Plant AgeingNEA veiligheid - reactoren - algemeen
1998Low-Level Radioactive Waste Repositories: An Analysis of CostsNEA afval - opslag op land/zout
1998Progress Towards Geologic Disposal od Radioactive Waste: Where do we stand?NEA afval - opslag op land/zout
1998Update on Waste Management Policies and Programmes, Dec 1998NEA afval - opslag op land/zout
1998Confidence in the Long-term Safety of Deep Geological Repositories. Its Development and CommunicationNEA afval - opslag op land/zout
1998Geological disposal of radioctive waste: Review of developments in the last decadeNEA afval - opslag op land/zout
1998Actinide and Fission Products Partitioning and Transmutation. Proceedings 5th International Information Exchange MeetingNEA afval - actiniden (-transmutatie/verbranden)
1998Actinide and Fission Products Partitioning and Transmutation. Status and Assessment reportNEA afval - actiniden (-transmutatie/verbranden)
1998Annual Report 1998NEA samenwerkingsverbanden - iea/nea/oecd/etc.
1998-10Projected costs of generating electricity. Update 1998NEA, IEA kosten
1998-10Developments in radiation health science and their impact on radiation protectionNEA straling - algemeen
1998-03Safety Research Needs for Russian-Designed ReactorsNEA veiligheid - reactoren - oosteuropees algemeen
1997Overview Nuclear Legislation in Central and Eastern Europe and NISNEA aansprakelijkheid/verzekeringen/wetgeving
1997Radioactive waste management programmes in OECD/NEA member countriesNEA afval - algemeen
1997Catalogue of Publications 1998NEA samenwerkingsverbanden - iea/nea/oecd/etc.
1997-12Actinide separation chemistry in nuclear waste streams and materialsNEA afval - actiniden (-transmutatie/verbranden)
1997-06Update on Waste Management Policies and ProgrammesNEA afval - algemeen
1996Management of separated plutonium. The technical optionsNEA plutonium - mox & hergebruik kernwapen-pu
1996Nuclear safety research in OECD countries. Capabilities and facilitiesNEA veiligheid - reactoren - algemeen
1996Radiation in perspectiveNEA straling - algemeen
1996-12Implementation of hydrogen mitigation techniques during severe accidents in nuclear power plants. OCDE/GD(96)195. NEA/CSNI/R(96)27NEA veiligheid - reactoren - algemeen
1996-04Future financial liabilities of nuclear activitiesNEA aansprakelijkheid/verzekeringen/wetgeving
1996-02Current evaluation of the Chernobyl reactor accident releaseNEA tsjernobyl - ongeluk & omgeving - algemeen
1995Infrastructure for nuclear energy deployment. Proceedings of a NEA workshop. Paris, France, 10-11 June 1996NEA belang mondiaal
1995Considerations on the Concept of Dose ConstraintNEA, European Commission straling - normen
1995-11The Chernobyl reactor accident source termL.Devell, NEA, CSNI tsjernobyl - ongeluk & omgeving - algemeen
1995-11Chernobyl ten years on. Radiological and health impactNEA tsjernobyl - ongeluk & omgeving - medies/mutaties
1995-01 The Environmental and Ethical Basis of the Geological Disposal of Long-lived Radioactive Waste. Collective Opinion of the Radioactive Waste Management CommitteeNEA afval - algemeen
1994Environmental and ethical aspects of long-lived radioactive waste disposal, proceedings of workshop NEA 9-94NEA afval - algemeen
1994The Environmental and Ethical Basis of Geological DisposalNEA afval - opslag op land/zout
1993The economics of the nuclear fuel cycleNEA kosten
1993Uranium Resources, production and Demand 1993NEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1992Entsorgung radioaktiver AbfälleNEA, BfS duitsland - afval - algemeen
1992Projected costs of generating electricity. Update 1992NEA kosten
1992The international law of nuclear energy Part 1IAEA, NEA, EURATOM aansprakelijkheid/verzekeringen/wetgeving
1992The international law of nuclear energy Part 2IAEA, NEA, EURATOM aansprakelijkheid/verzekeringen/wetgeving
1992-12Qualified manpower and equipment for the nuclear industryNEA (uitzend) werk in kerninstallaties
1991Uranium Resources, production and demand 1991NEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1991Decommissioning policies for nuclear facilities. Proceedings of an international seminar Paris, 2-4 Oct. 1991NEA ontmanteling
1990Small and medium reactors. I: status and prospectsNEA veiligheid - reactoren - nieuwe generaties - algemeen
1990Small and medium reactors. II: technical supplementNEA veiligheid - reactoren - nieuwe generaties - algemeen
1990-04Special project to develop comprehensive outlook on global energy demand & supply among non-member countriesNEA, IEA belang mondiaal
1990-04Energy developments and policies of the Asian newly industrializedNEA, IEA belang mondiaal
1989Uranium Resources, Production and Demand 1990NEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1989Uranium Resources, Production and Demand 1989NEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1989NEA activities in 1989NEA samenwerkingsverbanden - iea/nea/oecd/etc.
1989-06Evidence of late effects of A-bomb radiation other than cancerAlice Stewart, G.Kneale straling - gevolgen - kernproeven
1989-03Draft country report of the U.S.NEA, IEA vs - algemeen
1989-03Draft country report of JapanNEA, IEA japan - algemeen
1989-03Draft general report on 1988 review of national energy policies and programmes of IEA countriesNEA, IEA belang mondiaal
1988Projected costs of generating electricity from power stations for commissioning in the period 1995-2000NEA, IEA kosten
1988Plutonium Fuel. An AssessmentNEA plutonium - mox & hergebruik kernwapen-pu
1988Adavanced Water-Cooled Reactor TechnologyNEA veiligheid - reactoren - nieuwe generaties - algemeen
1988NEA activities in 1988NEA samenwerkingsverbanden - iea/nea/oecd/etc.
1988-03Uranium Resources, production and demand 1988NEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1987Feasibility of disposal of high-level ra waste into the seabed. volume 1. - Overview of research and conclusionsNEA afval - diepzee onderzoek
1987Feasibility of disposal of high-level ra waste into the seabed. Volume 2. - Radiological assessmentNEA afval - diepzee onderzoek
1987Feasibility of disposal of high-level ra waste into the seabed. Volume 3. - Geoscience characterization studiesNEA afval - diepzee onderzoek
1987Feasibility of disposal of high-level ra waste into the seabed. Volume 4. - EngineeringNEA afval - diepzee onderzoek
1987Feasibility of disposal of high-level ra waste into the seabed. Volume 5. - Dispersal of radionuclides in the oceans: models, data sets and regional descriptionNEA afval - diepzee onderzoek
1987Feasibility of disposal of high-level ra waste into the seabed. Volume 6. - Deep-sea biology, biological processes and radiobioligyNEA afval - diepzee onderzoek
1987Feasibility of disposal of high-level ra waste into the seabed. Volume 7. - Review of laboratory investigations of radionuclide migration through deep-sea sedimentsNEA afval - diepzee onderzoek
1987Feasibility of disposal of high-level ra waste into the seabed. volume 8. - Review of processes near a buried waste canisterNEA afval - diepzee onderzoek
1987-03Conferenza nazionale sull'energiaENEA italië - algemeen
1986Chernobyl and the safety of nuclear reactorsNEA veiligheid - reactoren - oosteuropees algemeen
1986-06Dossier Chernobyl - AllegatiENEA italië - algemeen
1986-06Dossier ChernobylENEA tsjernobyl - gevolgen rest europa - algemeen
1986-05Severe accidents in nuclear power plantsNEA veiligheid - reactoren - algemeen
1986-04NEA-PublicationsNEA allerlei - recensies - woord
1986-03Nuclear reactor accident Source TermsNEA veiligheid - centrales - bronterm
1985Uranium Resources, production and demand 1986NEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1985International Co-operation for Safe Nuclear PowerNEA samenwerkingsverbanden - iea/nea/oecd/etc.
1985NEA activities in 1985NEA samenwerkingsverbanden - iea/nea/oecd/etc.
1985-12The Creys-Malville power stationENEA frankrijk - superphenix + kweekprogramma alg.
1985-12PEC Experimental capacitiesENEA kweekreactoren - algemeen
1984Design and Instrumentation of In Situ Experiments in Underground Laboratories for Radioactive Waste DisposalNEA, CEC afval - opslag op land/zout
1984Review of the continued suitability of the dumping site for radioactive waste in the North-East AtlanticNEA afval - dumpen in zee
1984-09Use of gases in Uranium explorationNEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1983Energy isues and policies in ItalyUmberto Colombo, ENEA italië - algemeen
1983International comparison study on Reactor accident consequence modelingNEA veiligheid - centrales - bronterm
1983Radiation ProtectionNEA straling - normen
1983Seabed disposal of high-level radioactive wasteNEA afval - diepzee onderzoek
1983-12Uranium Resources, Production and Demand 1983NEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1982Compensating the Victims of an AccidentReyners, NEA aansprakelijkheid/verzekeringen/wetgeving
1982Uranium extraction technologyNEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1982Uranium extraction technology: Current practice and new developments in ore processingNEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1982International co-operation for safe radioactive waste managementNEA afval - algemeen
1982Long-term management of high-level radioactive wasteNEA afval - opslag op land/zout
1982-08Identification of occupational mortality, risks for Hanford workersKneale, Stewart, Mancuso vs - locaties - hanford
1982-08Job related mortality risks of Hanford workers and their relation to cancer effects of measured doses...Kneale, Stewart, Mancuso vs - locaties - hanford
1982-07International symposium on the conditioning of radioactive waste for storage and disposalIAEA, CEC, NEA afval - opslag op land/zout
1982-05Geological disposal of r-a waste: research in the OECD areaNEA afval - opslag op land/zout
1982-03Seventh international NEA/Seabed working group meetingNEA afval - diepzee onderzoek
1982-02Uranium Resources, Production and Demand 1982NEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1981OECD Halden Reactor Project 1980NEA noorwegen - rest installaties
1981OECD Halden Reactor Project 1981NEA noorwegen - rest installaties
1981Nuclear energy and its fuel cycle. Prospects to 2025NEA belang mondiaal
1981Nuclear energy prospects in 2000IAE, NEA belang mondiaal
1981Uranium mill tailings managementNEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1981Uranium exploration methodsNEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1981Developmental effects of prenatal irradiationAlice Stewart, G.Kneale straling - gevolgen - rest
1981Disposal of radioactive waste: Overview of the principlesNEA afval - algemeen
1981Geological disposal of Radioactive waste: Chemical processesNEA afval - opslag op land/zout
1981Dry storage of spent fuel elementsNEA afval - opslag op land/zout
1981-05Safety of the Nuclear Fuel CycleNEA veiligheid - algemeen
1981-05Siting of Radioactive waste repositories in geological formationsNEA afval - opslag op land/zout
1980Safety aspects of fuel behaviour in off-normal and accident conditionsNEA, IAEA veiligheid - reactoren - druk- en kokendwater
1980Research and environmental surveillance programm related to sea disposal of radioactive wasteNEA afval - dumpen in zee
1980-10Nuclear data and benchmarks for reactor shieldingNEA, IAEA veiligheid - reactoren - algemeen
1980-09Nuclear safety research. The response to the TMI acidentNEA veiligheid - reactoren - algemeen
1980-04Review of the continued suitability of the dumping site for radioactive waste in the North East AtlanticNEA afval - dumpen in zee
1979OECD Halden Reactor Project 1979NEA noorwegen - rest installaties
1979The Hanford data- a reply to recent criticismKneale, Stewart, Mancuso vs - locaties - hanford
1979Hanford radiation study III: a cohort study of the cancer risks from radiation to workers.....Kneale, Stewart, Mancuso vs - locaties - hanford
1979Description of licensing systems and inspection of nuclear installationsNEA aansprakelijkheid/verzekeringen/wetgeving
1979Regulations Governing the Transport of Radioactive MaterialsNEA transporten - algemeen - wetgeving
1979-12Uranium Resources, production and demand 1979NEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1979-09Use of agrillaceous materials for the isolation of radioactive wasteNEA afval - opslag op land/zout
1979-05Exposure to radiation from natural radioactivity in building materialsNEA straling - radon/achtergrondstraling
1979-04Recommended operational procedures for sea dumping of radioactive wasteNEA afval - dumpen in zee
1979-04Guidelines for sea dumping packages of radioactive wasteNEA afval - dumpen in zee
1978OECD Halden Reactor Project 1978NEA noorwegen - rest installaties
1978On-Site management of power reactor wasteNEA, IAEA afval - opslag op land/zout
1978-12World uranium potentialNEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1978-07Management, stabilisation and environmental impact of uranium mill tailingsNEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1977OECD Halden Reactor Project 1958-1978NEA noorwegen - rest installaties
1977NEA StatuteNEA samenwerkingsverbanden - iea/nea/oecd/etc.
1977-12Uranium Resources, production and demand 1977NEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1976Nucleaire peur sur La Hague (photobook)NEA, Michel Lambert frankrijk - akb
1975Uranium Resources, Production and Demand 1975NEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1967-12Uranium Resources 1967NEA, IAEA uranium - winning/voorraad/prijs
1960-07Convention on third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear EnergyNEA aansprakelijkheid/verzekeringen/wetgeving
Nuclear Waste Management: NetherlandsCOVRA, OECD, NEA covra - algemeen
NEA International cooperation for safe nuclear powerNEA samenwerkingsverbanden - iea/nea/oecd/etc.
NEA at a glanceNEA samenwerkingsverbanden - iea/nea/oecd/etc.
OECD/Nuclear Energy AgencyNEA samenwerkingsverbanden - iea/nea/oecd/etc.