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2009 Russian plutonium program: Nuclear waste, accidents, and senseless huge costsEcodefense!, V.Slivyak, NIRS rusland - afval/opwerking - algemeen
2008-05 False promises. Debunking Nuclear Industry Propaganda (Revised edit.)NIRS algemeen
2007-05Out of Control – On Purpose: DOE’s dispersal of radioactive waste into landfills and consumer productsD.D’Arrigo, M.Olson, NIRS vs - afval
2005-06Unfair aid: The subsidies keeping Nuclear energy afloatWISE, Nirs, P. Ward kosten
2005-02A Backdoor Comeback: Nuclear energy as a solution for climate change?P.Ward, WISE Amsterdam, NIRS ke & broeikas - algemeen klimaat & co2 reductie
2004No to Atucha II. Yes to clean energies.Taller Ecologistas, WISE, NIRS argentinië - atucha-ii
2004 Steluţa, Andrei şi reactorul nuclearWISE, NIRS, Terra Mileniul III romans/poezie/strips
2003No Atucha II – Si A Energias LimpiasTaller Ecologistas, WISE, NIRS argentinië - atucha-ii
2003Nuclear Power and Children’s Health: What you can doNPRI, NIRS, PSR algemeen
2003Nuclear Power and Children’s Health: What you can do: Symposium ProceedingsNPRI, NIRS, PSR algemeen
2003-11European Nuclear Threats: Old and NewBankwatch, NIRS, WISE, Energy Club samenwerkingsverbanden - eeg/ec/ep/eu - toetreding o-europa
2002Helen and Tom and the Nuclear ReactorWISE, NIRS, Reseau Sortir du nucleaire romans/poezie/strips
2002Хелен і Том та Атомний реакторWISE, NIRS, Reseau Sortir du nucleaire, Bankwatch romans/poezie/strips
2002Helen and Tom and the Nuclear ReactorWISE, NIRS, Reseau Sortir du nucleaire romans/poezie/strips
2002-02Jadrova energia. slepa ulickaWISE Amsterdam, NIRS algemeen
2001-06Financing disaster. How the G8 fund the Global Proliferation of Nuclear TechnologyNIRS, CNIC, Urgewald belang mondiaal
2001-06 Get the Facts on High Level Atomic Waste Storage CasksKevin Kamps, NIRS afval - opslag op land/zout
2000-11Nuclear Energy, a dead endWISE, NIRS algemeen
2000-11Atomenergie - eine Sackgasse!WISE, NIRS algemeen
2000-02Radioactive waste and materials to make Household ItemsNIRS toepassingen radionucliden - radioactief schroot (recycling)
1999-08Nuclear free NortheastNIRS vs - acties/repressie/akb
1998-08Nuclear free New England - a handbook and guide...NIRS vs - locaties - noord-oost algemeen
1992-04A Mountain Of Waste 50 Years HighNIRS vs - afval
1989-07Annual report 1987-1988NIRS vs - acties/repressie/akb
1987The aging of nuclear power plants: a citizen's guide....NIRS veiligheid - reactoren - algemeen
1987Teaching nuclear issuesNIRS allerlei - recensies - beeld
1984-05Citizens' Nuclear Waste ManualNIRS vs - afval
Anatomy of a flawed decision: NRC has a brain, but no spineP.Gunter, NIRS, D.Lochbaum, Union of Concerned Scientists vs - locaties - midden-west