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2004-09Joint Assessment: Plutonium Transports in France : Safety and Security Concerns over the FS47 Transportation CaskWISE Paris, Large & Associates transporten - algemeen - veiligheid/technologie
2004-06 Extension of Dutch Reprocessing. Upholding the Plutonium Industry on Dutch Society’s Expenses?WISE Paris, X.Coeytaux, Y.Marignac afval - opwerkingscontracten
2004 Economic Forecast Study of the Nuclear Power Option. Results of the “Charpin-Dessus-Pellat” MissionWISE Paris, Y.Marignac frankrijk - algemeen
2003-07US MOX 'Lead Test Assembly' Controversy: Fabrication at Cadarach, FranceWISE Paris vs - mox
2003-06 The Unbearable Risk: Proliferation, terrorist threats and the plutonium industryEFA, WISE Paris (gevolgen) militaire aanvallen
2002-12 International Terrorism: The Vulnerabilities and Protection of Nuclear FacilitiesWISE Paris, Large & Associates zelfbouw a-bommen en (dreiging) met radioactieve besmetting (nss)
2002-10Radioactive materials transported by plane. The FedEx package incidentC.Christesen, WISE Paris transporten - algemeen - veiligheid/technologie
2001-12 The threat of nuclear terrorism: from analysis to precautionary measuresMycle Schneider, WISE Paris (gevolgen) militaire aanvallen
2001-11Possible toxic effects from nuclear reprocessing plants at Sellafield (UK) and Cap de la Hague (Fr). First contribution to scientific debateSTOA, WISE Paris straling - gevolgen - rond installaties
2001-10Airlines Crash on Nuclear Facilities. The Sellafield CaseWISE Paris groot-brittannië - sellafield - algemeen
2001-09La Hague Particularly Exposed to Plane Crash RiskWISE Paris frankrijk - la hague - algemeen
2001-09La Hague Particularly Exposed to Plane Crash RiskWISE Paris nucleair terrorisme
2000-12 The CEZUS Affair. A flaw in quality control of nuclear fuel tubesWISE Paris uranium - splijtstofstaven-fabricage
2000-06 Plutonium Technology Facility at CadaracheWISE Paris frankrijk - mox
2000-05Climate change and Nuclear PowerWWF, Mycle Schneider, WISE Paris ke & broeikas - wel/niet oplossing + scenario's
2000-05Climate change and Nuclear PowerWWF, Mycle Schneider, WISE Paris ke & broeikas - wel/niet oplossing + scenario's
2000-05 Recyclage des matieres nucleaires, Mythes et realitesWISE Paris, Mycle Schneider, Coeytaux plutonium - mox & hergebruik kernwapen-pu
1999-02 Plutonium Investigation. Dossier on The NetherlandsWISE Paris afval - opwerkingscontracten
1998-02 Research and Development Expenditure on Nuclear Energy Issues in France 1960-1997WISE Paris frankrijk - algemeen
1997-10The Dutch Plutonium Dead EndWISE Paris, Greenpeace afval - opwerkingscontracten
1997-04La France nucléaire; matières et sites 1997Mary D.Davis, WISE Paris frankrijk - algemeen
1997-01 The Rubbia TABS, Solutions or Illusions? A Critical Analysis of Prof. Rubbia's Thorium Accelerator Based System (TABS) ConceptWISE Paris, M.Pavageau, Mycle Schneider thorium cyclus - reactor typen
1996-12Australian Uranium and the French Nuclear Weapons ProgramWISE Paris australië - export
1996Facts and Figures on Plutonium Separation and MOX UsePavageau, WISE Paris plutonium - mox & hergebruik kernwapen-pu
1995-09 Japanese Plutonium and French Nuclear Weapons ProgramWISE Paris, Pavageau, Mycle Schneider frankrijk - la hague - contracten
1995-08Le Plutonium Belge et le Programme d'Armement Nucleaire FrancaisWISE Paris, Mycle Schneider belgië - algemeen
1995-08Canadian Uranium and the French Nuclear Weapons ProgramWISE Paris, Mycle Schneider canada - algemeen
1995-05De oppervlakteberging van laag-radioaktief afval: afvalcategorieën, bergingsopties, etcWISE Paris, Richardson, Weijns belgië - afval
1993-06Le MOX ou L'Aberration Au Plutonium. Réflexions sur un projet de l'industrie nucléaire belgeMycle Schneider, WISE-Paris plutonium - mox & hergebruik kernwapen-pu
1992-05World Nuclear industry Status Report 1992WISE Paris, Greenpeace belang mondiaal
1986-05Tchernobyl: Information et mesures en France et en RFAWISE Paris tsjernobyl - gevolgen rest europa - algemeen
1986Electricity and warheads. A guide to the French Nuclear IndustryMary D.Davis, WISE Paris frankrijk - algemeen
Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Generated Electricity in FranceWISE Paris frankrijk - algemeen