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nr titel auteur datum The Legacy of Reprocessing in the United KingdomMartin Forwood, IPFM juli 2008 Crash on Nuclear Facilities. The Sellafield CaseWISE Paris oktober 2001 case against reprocessingFOE 1992, reprocessing and the nuclear waste tradeGreenpeace juli 1990 CountryMarilynne Robinson 1989 case for the cessation of Magnox reprocessing with respect to BNFL, SellafieldGreenpeace juni 1987 Sellafield operationsIsle of Man Local Government 1986 Fuel Reprocessing TechnologyBNFL 1985 Sellafield operationsIsle of Man Local Government november 1984 Windscale FileGreenpeace 1982 WiederaufarbeitungResist Windscale 1979 Windscale Inquiry and safety assessment. Oxford report no.4PERG augustus 1978 FalloutIan Breach 1978 of EvidencePeter F.Chapman, FOE juli 1977 studies relating to recovery of neptunium from the Windscale plantE.Hesford, H.McKay 1958 PackCORE

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