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nr titel auteur datum Nuclear Waste Uncertainties and Questions about Costs and Risks Persist with DOE’s Tank Waste Cleanup Strategy at Hanford: GAO 09913.US GAO september 2009 Radioactive Bioaccumulation in Clams along the Hanford ReachNorm Buske maart 2005 hygiene review of Hanford operations, processes and facilities 1943-1990. NIOSH 200-93-2628(P)G.J.Mihlan maart 1997 of recorded external radiation doses for Hanford workers 1944-1989R.L.Buschbom, E.S.Gilbert oktober 1993 HarvestM.d'Antonio 1993 I of the Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project. Draft summary report. PNL-7410 HEDR, UC-707Pacific Northwest Laboratory juli 1990 Columbia River pathway report. Phase I of the Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project. PNL-7411 HEDR, UC-707Pacific Northwest Laboratory juli 1990 thyroid disease study. Protocol. Draft. CDC 200-89-0716S.Davis april 1990 Hanford radiation dose estimatesTechnical Steering Panel 1990 history of major Hanford operations involving radioactive material. PNL-6964 HEDR, UC-603M.Y.Ballinger, R.B.Hall juni 1989 Radioactive Fallout; Iodine release 1944-1956A.B.Benson 1989 Issues concerning Hanford's waste management practicesUS GAO november 1986 of historical documentsA.W.Conklin september 1986 dose assessment of Hanford historical releases 1945-1956R.R.Mooney september 1986 Basis of the Channel Theory prepared for Hanford Site Groundwater Monitoring MeetingNorm Buske juli 1986 Hanford reportT.Connor, L.Shook december 1985 Hanford study - a review ...Ethel S.Gilbert oktober 1984 Herald februari 1984 of occupational mortality, risks for Hanford workersKneale, Stewart, Mancuso augustus 1982 related mortality risks of Hanford workers and their relation to cancer effects of measured doses...Kneale, Stewart, Mancuso augustus 1982 of measurements of dose from exposure of Hanford workers to ionizing radiation during the period 1943 through 1969Karl Z.Morgan april 1981 Hanford data- a reply to recent criticismKneale, Stewart, Mancuso 1980 radiation study III: a cohort study of the cancer risks from radiation to workers.....Kneale, Stewart, Mancuso 1980 analysis of the mortality of workers in a nuclear facilityE.S.Gilbert, S.Marks 1979 data to the AEC Health and Mortality study. Radiation exposure experience of employees 1944 through 1974K.R.Heid, H.W.Allen december 1974 history of the redox ruthenium problem; Status of ground contamination problemD.P.Ebright, H.M.Parker 1954* Water - HanfordTim Connor risks of low level radiation air pathway report. Phase I of the Hanford Environmental DosePacific Northwest Laboratory

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