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nr titel auteur datum change: clean energy solutions to climate changeFOE Australia, ACF 2007 Politics: testing times: A FOE feature on Nuclear Issues in AustraliaJ.Green, L.O’Brien, FOE 2005 at the nuclear crossroadsACF februari 1999 Uranium and Nuclear IssuesAnti Uranium Coalition 1998 Reasons. Australia's involvement in nuclear industryGreenpeace Australia 1994 Australia 1944 - 1990A.Cawte 1992 and the Nuclear ChoiceTotal Environment Centre juni 1984's Role in the Nuclear Fuel CycleReport by ASTEC mei 1984 Issues HandbookR.Coleman maart 1984 energy policy for AustraliaTask Force on Energy 1979 politics of nuclear powerA.Roberts, G.Smith 1976 for AustraliaA.H.Corbett 1976 Citizen's Response. Rebuttal of government's case for mining and export of uraniumMAUM Out for Peace: A history of CANE and PND (WA)B.Kearns

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