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nr titel auteur datum Inventory of Radioactive Material Resulting from Historical Dumping, Accidents and Losses at Sea IAEA-TECDOC-1776IAEA 2015 Sellafield – Breaching international treaty targets on radioactive marine pollutionCORE februari 2011 Annual Report 2000 – 2001OSPAR Commission 2001 of radioactive waste disposals at seaIAEA augustus 1999 OSPAR Strategy with regard to Radioactive SubstancesOSPAR Commission juli 1998 kernafval in zeeGreenpeace 1989 on radioactive waste dumping at seaGreenpeace 1989 of the seasK.A.Gourlay 1988 Suisse de Recherches et de Surveillance du site d'Immersion de Dechets Radioactifs en Atlantique Nord-estNAGRA, CEDRA, CISRA juni 1987, fauna and the dispersal of radionuclides at the N.E. Atlantic dumpsite for low-level radioactive wastevd Loeff, M.Lavaleye 1986 and recommendations for the convention on the prevention of marine pollution by dumping of wastes...matterIAEA 1986 of intersessional activities relating to disposal of radioactive waste at sea...IMO juni 1985 of the continued suitability of the dumping site for radioactive waste in the North-East AtlanticNEA 1985 for a data base for a review of the scientific and technical considerations related to..IAEA 1984 of oceanic radioactive dumping programsW.Jackson Davis juli 1982 atoomafval in zeeEls, Geert, mei 1982 of nuclear waste disposals to the marine environmentP.J.Taylor maart 1982 History of Ocean Disposal of Packaged Low-Level Radioactive WasteW.F.Holcomb februari 1982 afval gedumpt...Min. VROM april 1981 and environmental surveillance programm related to sea disposal of radioactive wasteNEA 1981 waste management; the ocean alternativeT.C.Jackson 1981 of the continued suitability of the dumping site for radioactive waste in the North East AtlanticNEA april 1980, Transport & Dumping van radioaktief afvalVakgroep Milieukunde maart 1980 operational procedures for sea dumping of radioactive wasteNEA april 1979 for sea dumping packages of radioactive wasteNEA april 1979 analysis of the NEA Oceanic ra disposal ProgramRapport Davis

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