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nr titel auteur datum The Radioactive Waste Management Advisory Committee’s Advice on the Application of Partitioning and Transmutation in the UKRWMAC december 2003 Nuclear Alchemy Gamble. Executive summaryIEER augustus 2002 Accelerator-Driven Systems (ADS) and Fast Reactors (FR) in Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles. A Comparative StudyNEA 2002 The Nuclear Alchemy Gamble. An Assessment of Transmutation as a nuclear waste Management Strategy May 12, 2005 modified versionIEER, Zerriffi, Arjun Makhijani augustus 2000 and Fission Products Partitioning and Transmutation. Proceedings 5th International Information Exchange MeetingNEA 1999 and Fission Products Partitioning and Transmutation. Status and Assessment reportNEA 1999 Technologies for the reduction of nuclear wasteECN 1998 Levensduurverkorting radioactief afval - optie voor de aanpak van het kernafvalprobleemECN 1998 separation chemistry in nuclear waste streams and materialsNEA december 1997 van actinited en splijtingsprodukten. Jaarverslag onderzoeksprogr 1996R.J.M.Konings juli 1997 the radiological risks associated with technologies studied in the dutch research programme for recycling actinides and fission productsD.H.Dodd, ECN november 1995 transmutation in nuclear reactorsJ.H.Bultman 1995 status of intermediate ENRGY data evaluation for accelerator-based ransmutation of radioactive wasteECN, Koning mei 1994 titel) Transmutation of Actinites 1994 of long-lived fission productsECN, Abrahams 1994 of fission products in reactors and accelerator-driven systems; critical remarksA.J.Janssen, ECN 1994 van kernafval - statusrapport programma RASECN juli 1993 of long-lived nuclear wasteK.Abrahams oktober 1992 the integrated collective radiation dose and the transmutation of long-lived nuclear wasteK.Abrahams mei 1992 Chemistry of Actinide ElementsKatz, G.Seaborg, Morss 1986 Elements- Production and RecoveryACS, Navratil, Schulz 1981 SeparationsACS, Navratil, Schulz 1980 and Actinide Chemistry and SpectroscopyACS, Edelstein 1980 van de Werkgroep Transmutatie ActinidenI.C.K. Interdepartementale Commissie Kernenergie oktober 1977 ChemistryAmerican Chemical Society (ACS) 1967

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