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Where and how much Depleted Uranium has been fired?

AuteurLaka, H.vd Keur
Datummaart 2001

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       Where and how much depleted uranium has been fired?
                                     March 2001 update
                                   of a workshop held at the
                         CADU conference, Manchester, 4 November, 2000
                                    by: Henk van der Keur
                                 Laka Foundation, Amsterdam

Nuclear fuel chain
Depleted uranium (DU) is the by-product of the enrichment of natural uranium.
‘Natural uranium’ is the concentrated product after mining and refining uranium ore.
One kilogram of ‘natural uranium’ is obtained from 1000 kg of uranium ore. Only half of this one
kilogram is actually released for use. The remaining 999.5 kg is considered as radioactive waste.

DU stockpiles
United States :                     700,000 metric tonnes
                                    Currently stored in the form of UF6, stored in cylinders at
                                    Paducah, Kentucky, and Portsmouth, Ohio.
                                    160,000 metric tonnes, stored in the form of UO2 and metal
Urenco (UK, FRG, NL) :              38,000 metric tonnes
                                    Currently stored in the form of UF6
Cogema (France) :                   119,900 metric tonnes (dUF6)
                                    Stored at Bessines-sur-Gartempe (Haute Vienne) near Limoges

US Proving Grounds with DU Test Firing Ranges

                                                              DU Testing     Amount of DU
        Ethan Allen Firing Range (Vermont)                    1969 – 1973    4,500 kg
        Lake City Ammunition Plant (Missouri)                 until 1985     3,500 kg
        China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center (California)      10 years       11,300 kg
        NM Institute of Mining & Technology (New Mexico)      since 1972     ---
        Los Alamos National Laboratory (New Mexico)                          100,000 kg
        Jefferson Proving Ground (Indiana)                    1982 - 1988