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Uranium Resources, Production and Demand 2011


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A Joint Report by ISBN 978-92-64-17803-8
the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency
and the International Atomic Energy Agency
Uranium 2011:
Resources, Production and Demand

Executive summary
Uranium 2011 – Resources, Production and Demand presents, in addition to updated
resource figures, the results of the most recent review of world uranium market
fundamentals and provides a statistical profile of the world uranium industry as of
1 January 2011. It contains official data provided by 34 countries and 8 national reports
prepared by the joint NEA-IAEA Secretariat on uranium exploration, resources,
production and reactor-related requirements. Projections of nuclear generating capacity
and reactor-related uranium requirements through 2035 are presented as well as a
discussion of long-term uranium supply and demand issues.
Total identified uranium resources have increased by over 12% since 2009, adding more
than 12 years of global reactor requirements to the existing resource base, but costs of
production have also increased.
Total identified resources (reasonably assured and inferred) as of 1 January 2011
declined slightly to 5 327 200 tonnes of uranium metal (tU) in the