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Anumukti (1987-2000)

Anumukti, a journal devoted to non-nuclear India, was published from August 1987 to September 2000; a total of 62 issues. The magazine is focusing on the nuclear debate in India "to raise itself from the level of trading of insults to that of a true scientific enquiry". The bulletin is addressed firstly to the growing number of activists who are committed to opposing the nuclear programma.
Just when Laka had started digitizing the collection of this magazine, we found out that it is already available online -except for some missing issues, which can be found below. All other issues can be found on the page of Dianuke.

Move cursor over titlepage for more information on the content of the issue. Shown is a selection of articles, not the full content.
Volume 1, Nr 1: August 1987
Vol.3, Nr 3: December 1989
Vol.8, Nr 6: June/July 1995

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