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Magazines from the international movement against nuclear power:

* Campaign Against Nuclear Power Newsletter

* Nukleel

* Atom
* Atom Express
* Atommüll
* Atommüllzeitung
* Gorleben Aktuell
* RadiAktiv

* Anumukti

* Keep It In The Ground
* Spoof newspapers

* Nux integra

* Nuclear Report Taiwan

United Kingdom
* Anti-Nuclear Campaign Newsletter
* Hinkley Inquirer
* Safe Energy
* Stop Hinkley Expansion
* Waste Dumping Newsletter

* Nukewatch Pathfinder
* Three Miles Island Alert
* The Waste Paper

Magazines from the international movement against nuclear power

Laka Foundation, the documentation and research centre on nuclear power, has an extensive library with many thousands of books and reports (check the catalogue), posters (check), music (check), buttons, and a lot more. Laka also has a large collection of magazines from movement against nuclear power from all over the world. From obscure pamphlets to full-colour magazines.
The past few years we digitized all important magazines from the Dutch movement (1975-1995) (check), and now we are starting to work on magazines from other countries.

We are convinced it is important to document and tell our own history, because

"Until Lions have their own historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter"(African proverb)

Since Laka works solely with dedicated volunteers, digitizing is a time-consuming project. If you want to support the project, or have suggestions, or magazines to add to our collection, please contact us.
Remember it is work in progress, so check the site regularly.

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