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Safe Energy (1991 - 1998)

Successor of SCRAM, a magazine published by the Scottisch Campaign to Resist the Atomic Menace, which, in its later years, had the subtitle Safe Energy Journal. "We feel that the Safe Energy title better encapsulates the journal's content". SCRAM continues to supply both nuclear and alternative energy news and features.
From 1995 on Safe Energy (or The Safe Energy Journal as it was renamed) was published by Friends of the Earth Scotland.
Safe Energy was published bi-monthly for the British anti-nuclear and safe energy movement from August 1991 to June 1998; a total of 33 issues.
Scram is also the term for shutting down a nuclear reactor in an emergency.

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Nr 84, August/Sept. 1991: Exploding Chernobyl myths, Dounreay, deep disposal at Sellafield, radiation dose limits, nuclear eastern Europe Nr 85, Oct/Nov 1991: transporting Pu by air, waste disposal at Sellafield, nuclear industry advertising, deep underground disposal Nr. 86, Dec 91/January 1992: radhealth directive, Harwell, Springfields discharges Nr. 87, Febr/March 1992: decommissioning, London Dumping Convention, energy policy political parties, radiation dose limits
nr 88, April/May 1992: hidden costs, Nirex and the big bang, suspect Sizewell safety software, Chernobyl six years on Nr. 89, June/July 1992: plutonium piles, THORP krypton emissions, UK radhealth proposals, UK waste policy, Rössing Namibia, radiation dose limits Nr. 90, August/September 1992: THORP, radiation monitoring system, Korean proliferation Nr. 91, Oktober/November 1992: Nuclear India, tritium- cause for leukaemias?, NIREX underground lab
Nr. 92: Dec 1992/January 1993: THORP stumbles, the 'tolerability' of nuclear risk?, uranium mining Nr. 93, February/March 1993: Sellafield's marine discharges, UK's role in proliferation, renewables reports: all about the money Nr. 94, April/May 1993; Radiation and health reviewed, new leukaemia link, British nuclear heritage, bright prospects for renewable energy Nr. 95, June/July 1993: decommissioning plans slammed, 1993 nuclear review, nuclear terrorism, SCRAM annual report 1992/93, Magnox gamma shine, THORP- to be or not to be
Nr. 96, August/September 1993: Nuclear review- the real thing, IAEA- mission impossible, banning nuclear power at sea, THORP consultation out of date Nr. 97, October/November 1993: THORP troubles, Japan's plutonium policy, Uranium tipped ammunition, THORP- carry on regardless, Garching research reactor Nr. 98, Dec 93/January 1994: nuclear privatisation, managing the nuclear lecagy, Chernobyl- the forgotten victoms, international HEU research reactor fuel storage at Dounreay nr 99, Febr/March 1994: THORP contracts, Dounreay, decommissioning, Sellafield and the bomb
Nr. 100, April/May 1994: SCRAM- a look back, North Korea proliferation, renewable energy Nr. 101, summer 1994: energy efficiency, nuclear privatisation, NIREX's plans at Sellafield nr 102, Aurumn 1994: The Solway Firth- radiation worries, rad waste consultation, radiation dose limits NCRP, nuclear review Nr. 103, Winter 1994/1995, Dounreay contamination, nuclear waste- managing the future, Sellafield leukaemia- BNFL links with DNA study
Nr. 104, March-Mat 1995: Scottisch Nuclear, radiation leaks at Dounreay, radioactive submarines, UK ignores NPT obligations Nr. 105, June-August 1995: Sellafield nuclear waste dump inquiry, the fight against Mochovce, under-insurance- a hidden subsidy Nr. 106, September-November 1995: nuclear waste review, Derelection of duty at Dounreay, NIREX nuclear waste dilemma, testing time for the NPT Nr. 107, December 1995-February 1996: Nuclear- a dying industry, Dounreay reprocessing, possible fallacies in cancer risk estimates, nuclear transport risks, Magnox avoidable costs
Nr. 108, March-May 1996: selling teh nuclear industry, US vetoes Dounreay reprocessing, uranium mining, Wylfa safety review, Chernobyl- the disaster continues ten years on 109, June-August 1996: nuclear privatisation, Australia's waste to Dounreay, nuclear's long term liabilities, plutonium- piling up problems, low-level radiation risk Nr. 110, September-November 1996: nuclear privatisation, Dounreay reprocessing, low-level radiation- collective dose, plutonium MOX- fuelling the problem, France accounting for nuclear power Nr. 111, December 1996-February 1997: Dounreay's problems pile up, NIREX rock lab, liquid high level waste storage, contamination from Russian Northern Fleet
Nr. 112, March-May 1997: Dounreay reprocessing, Nuclear industry looks East for survival, NIREX rock lab Sellafield Nr. 113, June-August 1997: Dounreay's beach particles, NIREs rock lab Sellafield Nr. 114, November 1997-January 1998 Kyoto Special on climate chance Nr. 115, April 1998: struggling with our nuclear waste legacy, nuclear power no solution to climate change
Nr. 116, June 1998: Political fallout from disarray Dounreay

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