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SCRAM Energy Bulletin (1977 - 1991)

SCRAM (the Scottisch Campaign to Resists the Atomic Menace -but a SCRAM is also an emergency shutdown of a nuclear reactor) was produced as a medium of communication between groups though-out of Scotland. It became one of the long-lasting anti-nuclear magazines and focused on alternative forms of energy from the very first issue. SCRAM ('The Anti-Nuclear and Safe Energy Journal') changed it's name in Safe Energy Journal in 1991 when it focused less on nuclear and more on alternative issues.

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Nr 1, autumn 1977: Uranium prospects, Torness, nuclear dustbin Nr 2, Oct/Nov 1977; Torness, Windscale inquiry, accidents will happen Nr 3, Dec 77/Jan 1978; Torness, Unions, power from the waves Nr 4, Febr/Mrch 1978; Torness, Windscale, reprocessing
Nr 5, April/May 1978; Torness, the German Experience, waste dumping Nr 6, June/July 1978; Capenhurst, SCRAM AGM, Guernsey, Torness Alliance Nr 7, Aug/Sept 1978; Hunterston B, Heysham Nr 8, Oct/Nov 1978; Torness occupied, Carnsore pointless, Heysham protest, nuclear waste
Nr 9, Dec 1978/Jan. 1979; Torness, Trade unions, Test Boring Nr 10, Febr/Mrch 1979; Torness gathering, Undermining coal, High-technology, are AGR's safe Nr 11, April/May 1979; Harrisburg, low-level radiation, Gorleben, Orkney, Torness Nr 12, June/July 1979; Torness, photo impression Torness, calculating costs
Nr 13, Aug/Sept. 1979; Peat power, Harrisburg Nr 13a, Aug/Sept 1979; Conservation, Coal & CHP Nr 14, Oct/Nov 1979; High voltage cables, nuclear cycle, uranium mining an native peoples, Gorleben Nr 15, Dec 1979/Jan 1980; Radiation & Health; The pressurised Water Reactor, Windscale File, Costs of nuclear power
Nr 16, Febr/Mrch 1980; Waste Dumping, save Mullwharchar! Nr 17, April/May 1980: The alternatives to nuclear power, renewable energy sources, Ireland says no to uranium mining Nr 18, June/July 1980; safety study, Bleuprint for a safe, sane & secure energy future, South Africa and nuclear power Nr 19,Aug/Sept 1980; Gorleben, Sharpness Eight fined, Weapons connection, No Nukes Music
Nr 20, Oct/Nov 1980; Torness developments, Harrisburg lingers on, Sizewell Campaign, Irish nuclear state Nr 21, Dec 1980/Jan. 1981; plutonium at sea, Torness why it should be stopped Nr 22, Febr/March 1981; cracking reactors, don't pay for nuclear power, Irish uranium, appropriate technology Nr 23, April/May 1981; MP's slam nuclear industry, Siamese twins, waste workers at risk, appropriate technology
Nr 24, June/July 1981; legal action at Barrow, dumping waste, victory at Plogoff, RTZ week of action, appropiate technology Nr 25, August/Septemner 1981: Hunterston blunder; Great Nuclear Fraud; Trade Union Campaign; low-level radiation cases Nr 26, Oct/Nov. 1981; Nuclear-Free Zones, uranium mining in Europe, clouds of death radiation, waste dumping, disposal proposals Nr 27, dec 81/Jan. 1982; deadly deals, Sizewell, switch to alternatives, Nix Nuclex
Nr 28, Febr/Mrch 1982; no dumping, uranium the hidden link, PWR -Problems Will Occur, don't pay for nuclear power Nr 29, April/May 1982; Energy debate, sea dumping, the real costs, cymru Ddi-niwcliar Nr 30, June/July 1982: Sizewell Inquiry, Campaign against Namibian Uranium, France: Socialist promises, Nuclear Wepaons & Nuclear Power insert Nr 31, Aug/Sept. 1982:  Nuclear Proliferation in Latin-America, HANG PRONGed or PRONG HANGed
Nr 32, Oct/Nov. 1982; sea dumping, government waste paper. Nuclear-Free Scotland, Torness, Sizewell Nr 33, Dec.82/Jan. 1983; miner difficulties, GEGB trial, Nuclear-Free Zones Nr 33a, Dec. 82/Jan. 183; Sizewell reactions, News of opposition to the PWR in Britain Nr 34, Febr/Mrch 1983; London Dumping Convention, nonviolence in action, the SCRAM calender, nuclear Japan
Nr 35, April/May 1983; Dirty deals, the dangers of Dounreay, Sizewell, defiance at Wyhl, Anti-nuclear Campaign, Safe futures Nr 36, June/July 1983; Pits and Pendulum Nr 37, Aug/Sept 1983; Sizewell Inquiry, problems of nuclear energy, waste dumping demonstrations 83, transports through London Nr 38, Windscale close it down, Trident, Atomic Tests Veterans, appropriate technology
Nr 39, Dec 1983/Jan. 1984: Nuclear Waste; the political realities, Billingham nuclear waste debate, Torness Nr 40, Febr/March 1984; Windscale, pollution knows no borders, stop acid rain Nr 41, April/May 1984; Magnox, decidedly dodgy, towards a strategy on nuclear waste Nr 42, June/July 1984; US sub rams Waste Dump, Gorleben, Consumer Campaign court case, towards an energy efficient future, Hartlepool, Argentina, Torness
Nr 43, Aug/Sept. 1984; Australia mining, Druridge demo, Fast Breeder reactors, Sizewell B Nr 44, Oct/Nov. 1984; Fire at Faslane, spent fuel transports, Orbituary Hilda Murrell, Druridge, Windsale, Heysham, Tidal Power Nr 45, Dec 1984/Jan. 1985; windscale reprocessing, India's reactor record-appalling, NPT No Peace Tomorrow, Chapelcross demo, Hunterston A & B, plutonium graveyard Nr 46, Febr/Mrch 1985; no safe level nuclear test veterans, NPT, Japan's Nuclear Expansion, energy policy, this failed dream, hinkley B, Dungeness
Nr 47, April/May 1985; Nuclear State Police State, nuclear transport, The case for coal, NPT, Calling all subs, decommissioning, Radwaste, Nucleaire - non merci Nr 48, June/July 1985, Torness, radwaste policy, NPT, leukemia clusters, radhealth campaign, Rosalie Bertell speaks out, seabed disposal, tidal power Nr 49, Aug/Sept. 1985; Dounreay the Rigged Inquiry, background radiation, Radhealth campaign, Dounreay special, Trawsfynydd & Wylfa Nr 50, Oct/Nov. 1985; Scotland syas no Dounreay, Magnox reactors, radhealrth campaign, SCRAM -The First Decade, dry storage, Public Inquiries A review
Nr 51, Dec. 1985/Jan. 1986; labour go Anti Nuclear, NRPB, Food irridiation, reprocessing -what future Nr 52, Febr/Mrch 1986; underground disposal, Dounreay, nuclear law suit, BP & roxby Downs, Nuclear tests in Australia, NPT, IAEA inspections Nr 53, April/May 1986; Rethinking waste, Dounreay 30 years ago, secret plutonium transports, disposal worries, Trawsfynydd, Sellafield, Druridge Nr 54, June/July 1986; Stop Torness, Dounreay, Chernobyl reaction, SCRAM ten point plan to end nuclear power, Risk Assessment
Nr 55, Sept/Oct 1986; Sizewell Inquiry, Torness the case against, Leukemia Black Spots, Radon gas problem, Socialism & Energy Nr 56, Nov/Dec. 1986; Magnox Malady, Dounreay Radiation & HEalth, Waste watchers, Radhealth in India, Real costs of Torness, Costs of nuclear power, EDRP, Power Politics Nr 57, Jan/Febr. 1987; safety shortcomings, Hinkley Revisited, Food irridiation risks, leukemia clusters, recycling scrap metal from decommissioning Nr 58, March/April 1987; Sizewell, Nirex, dealing with waste, Exploding the French nuclear Myth, radiological protection
Nr 59, May/June 1987; Hinkley seismic shocker, Trouble at Trawsfynydd, Chernobyl special Nr 60, July/August 1987; independent radiation monitoring, Drigg nuclear waste, nuclear waste strategy, ICRP -gentlemens club, Dounreay, planning for disasters, Chernobyl controverse Nr 61, Sept/October 1987; Torness, Chernobyl & the media, Dounreay inquiry, Windscale, after fast breeders- plutonium production Nr 62, Nov/December 1987; spent fuel store controversy, Finnish nuclear power, Hinkley C campaign begins, Magnox -are they safe, US Waste Mess, ICRP
Nr 63, Jan./February 1988; Finnish nuclear protests, Dose limits Down, Low level leukemia link, Namibias Nuclear nightmare, US Waste Dumping Dilemma Nr 64, March/April 1988; Hinkley point, radiation, costs or benefits, unreal radiation response Nr 65, May/June 1988; Questions over Hinkley, Radioactive Britain, NIREX- rocks of Ages, Magnox waste policy, privatisation Nr 66, July/August 1988;  plutonium transportation flasks, Chernobyl -ministry of thruth, privatisation, export of food contaminated by Chernobyl
Nr 67, Sept/October 1988; Dounreay, privatisation notes, Chernobyl studies in UK, end of Magnox reactors, Negawatt Nr 68, Dec 1988/January 1989; Nuclear waste store for Heysham, reactors at sea, radiation and the environment, Hinkley Hearings Nr 69, Febr./March 1989; Another leukemia theory, Hinkley radiation risks, electricity privatisation, leukemia clusters Nr 70, April/May 1989; Hinkley Point inquiry, emergency planning, chernobyl-Holiday at the Ukraine
Nr 71, June/July 1989; Atoms for peace, Negawatts,  nuclear fusion, radiation reviewed, yellowcake road, Torness officially opened Nr 72, Aug/September 1989; independent radiation monitoring, britains nuclear dustbin, Windscale fallout, FRG aid for Pakistans bomb Nr 73, Oct/November 1989; NPT safeguards, Welsh Chernobyl legacy, Wackersdorf, Irish Sea contamination Nr 74, Dec 1989/January 1990; Hinkley Inquiry, world warms to nuclear power, the Safe Integral reactor, Atoms in Wonderland
Nr 75, Febr/March 1990; Hinkley Inquiry on costs, food irridiation, Nuclear waste, plutonium puzzle Nr 76, April/May 1990; low level radiation, emergency planning, reprocessing the hidden costs, ICRP, UKs research reactors Nr 77, June/July 1990; nuclear tax, legacy of Chernobyl, decommissioning, windpower, non-nuclear radwaste Nr 78, Aug/September 1990; SPain-on down nine to go, economics of Sizewell B, THORP Sellafield, Radon gas, low-level radiation
Nr 79, Oct/November 1990; Japan's plutonium gut, contaminated coast controversy, Dounreays deadly trade Nr 80, Dec 1990/January 1991: Leukeamia studies, nuclear industry CO2 myth, Hinkley C, THORP, Dounreay, ICRP putting wealth before health, East-German nuclear, Proliferation safeguards Nr 81, February/March 1991; Nuclear war-bombing of Iraq, radiation protection, emergency planning, Byelorussia Chernobyl legacy, nuclear power in Czechoslovakia Nr 82, April/May 1991; Non-proliferation failures -Iraq, genetic effects of radiation, Dounreay, future of reprocessing, high level waste management
Nr 83, June/July 1991; UK nuclear policy, Chernobyl -after the fire, Children of Chernobyl,ICRP -the risk business

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