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How to browse through thousands of posters from the international movement against nuclear power

This is a collection of posters, not of (digital) images.
So what do we consider a poster?
- it has to be printed (it has to exist on paper, not only as a digital image...)
- multiple copies (more than a single hardcopy)
- it has to be larger in size as A4 (21x29.7 cm)

How to search:
box 1: country of origin;
-narrow number of results by choosing a specific facility (if possible). By doing so you will see all posters about this facility, not limited to a specific country: f.i. Dutch posters on German facility Kalkar or Swiss posters on French Malville or Danish posters on Swedish reactors at Barsebaeck.
box 2: general subjects;
box 3: year of production (if known or estimated date);
Combined search box: facility AND Subject AND Year
box 4: full text search. it is also possible to search within results of the first three boxes

The results:
Results are listed chronological (new-old)
- main text on poster;
- country of origin;
- (year -or estimated period- of production);
- publisher/designer;
- size (in centimeters, width x hight);
- Archive, location where the poster has been found (if known). In case the poster is part of a collection (on- or off-line) a link to the collection is provided in the 'Collections' section.

Pro-nuclear posters
There are a limited number of pro-nuclear posters in this collection, which will only appear in the results if you click in the second dropdown on pro-nuclear (near the bottom of the list)

Copyright and Re-use of this material

This is a website with images of a shared history. That implies that there is no strong copyright regime for this material, as long as it is used for the purpose of opposing nuclear power. However, this does not mean, that all material can be used freely in all circumstances. There are some limitations.
Take notice: Copyright and other proprietary rights may restrict use of the images, especially for commercial purposes. It is the responsibility of the user to determine who owns the rights and obtaining consent.
If material is used in the struggle against nuclear power, please acknowledge the listed designer and or publisher and - if mentioned - the source.

We've done our best to contact designers, but obviously it was impossible to find all. If you are the designer or copyright holder of a poster in this collection, and you feel your copyrights are not properly dealt with, please contact us