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Radiating Posters
A collection of posters from the global movement against nuclear power

'Radiating posters' is a compilation of the large cultural heritage of 40 years of global struggle against nuclear energy. The full-color book shows more than 600 posters (from 1970-2010) from 45 countries from all over the world.

'Radiating posters' shows the rich history of the anti-nuclear movement and spreads the ever-necesarry anti-nuclear message.

Never before such a large collection of anti-nuclear posters was brought together, or, for that matter, of any other societal issue, of so many countries, cultures and of such a long period.

This book truly is an homage to the richness of the cultural heritage of the anti-nuclear power movement and could be a source of inspiration for anyone deciding to design a poster.

'Radiating posters' is published by the Laka Foundation in cooperation with WISE Netherlands.

The book is in English language. A German version (Strahlende Plakate) is also published and available at Unrast Verlag
A spanish supplement (Carteles Radiantes) is available too.

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