Adder: Nuclear Monitor

City: Washington DC, VS
number 591
Date: 22 August 2003
US electricity crisis: unfortunate but entirely predictable WISE Amsterdam
U.S. senate passes pro-nuclear energy bill NIRS
LES switching to new mexico? NIRS
Massive actions against proposed South Korean waste dump Yangi Wonyoung
U.S.: Criticism of NPP fish kills Paul Gunter; NIRS
Ukraine proposes resettlement in Chernobyl zone NIRS/WISE Ukaine
Two Russian anti-nuke activists arrested while protesting in Yekaterinburg Bellona Foundation, 16 August 2003; Ecodefence, 14 July 2003
Former U.S. nuke engineer finds fault with power increase Vermont Yankee reactor The Provindence Journal, 19 August 2003
Increased raidioactive releases from shutdown Main Yankee reactor NIRS/Citizens' Monitoring Network
Scottish Dounreay nuclear plant breached safety regulations BBC News, 15, August 2003
South African Chamber of Commerce wants to re-evaluate PBMR Cape Times, 22 July 2003
Contamination found on shipment of spent nuclear fuel Las Vegas Sun, 11 August 2003
No nuclear waste storage on Arctic Island Novaya Zemlya Pravda, 28 July 2003
Tokyo Electric found leaks in Fukushima Daichi reactor Bloomberg, 25 July 2003
Repair at US South Texas Project nuclear plant poses challenge Houston Chronicle, 19 July 2003
No radiation risk in Indian Kalpakkam NPP PTI, 14 July 2003
U.S. Savannah River suspends waste tank closures following court decision Greenville News, 16 July 2003
Problems shut British Wylfa nuclear power plant BBC News, 25 July 2003, Daily Post, 29 July 2003, icNorth...
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