Adder: Nuclear Monitor

City: Washington DC, VS
number 638
Date: 18 November 2005
Concerns over uranium Mining in Malawi CHRR Centre for Human Right and Rehabilitation
IAEA atomic lobby an Nobel Peace Prize
The reselling of atomic power in the United States NIRS
Bulgaria still clinging to nuclear Wise Brno
Good and bad news from the European Parliament Michel raquet by email, November 17, 2005
Europe badly prepared for nuclear decommissioning The Greens/EFA European Parliament, press release, Nov. 2005
German nuclear phase-out survives - for now
Russian study on low dose radiation Wise Amsterdam
Report "Import of nuclear waste to Russia, 2001-2005", Ecodefense, Moscow 2005
Japan could cut CO2 emissions by 70% The Japan Times, November 15, 2005; Kyodo News, November 9,5
Australian terror suspects at nuclear facility The Guardian, November 14, 2005
India to join ITER The Indian Express, November 8, 2005
Al-Qaeda nuclear bomb website Reuters, November 9, 2005; The Sunday Times, Nov 6, 2005
EDF claims Britons favor new nuclear MORI website, November 7, 2005; The Telegraph, Nov. 6, 2005
Scottish farms still contaminated after Chernobyl Sunday Herald, November 6, 2005
Sortir silenced Sortir du nucléaire by e-mail, November, 2005
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