Adder: Nuclear Monitor

City: Washington DC, VS
number 641
Date: 27 January 2006
Utah wilderness victory hinders radioactive waste dump
Advisers call for waste plan as UK signals new build WISE Amsterdam
New Slovak energy policy counts on Mochovce 3&4 WISE BRNO
Chornobyl° health impact Alex Kuzma, Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund
How much radiation was released by Chernobyl? John LaForge
Japanese NGOs petition the UN Wise Amsterdam / NIRS
U.S. utility admits cover up. Reuters, January 23, 2006
South Carolina's radwaste burden to tripple Joint NIRS, Action for a Clean Environment; Carolina Peace..
TMI workers sleeping on the job The Patriot-News, January 18, 2006
Radioactive produce still arriving at Moscow's markets AFP, January 18,2006
EU Commission to recommend nuclear power Deutsche Presse-Agentur, January 6, 2006
Sudan accused of illicit nuclear deals
Suspected DU death UPI, December 29, 2005
German renewables producing more power New Energy, No. 5, October 2005;
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