Adder: Nuclear Monitor

City: Washington DC, VS
number 649
Date: 6 September 2006
Former safety chief blows whistle on poor safety culture (649.5761) WISE Sweden
Nuclear relapse in Canada (649.5762) Sierra Club of Canada
Turkey: Local nuclear opposition continues (649.5763) Laka Foundation
Atomic waste shell risk (649.5764) NIRS
U.S. nuclear reactor in Tehran (649.5765) WISE Amsterdam
Series of failures in Koeberg caused by ill-disciplined personnel (649.5766) Laka Foundation
Decision for builder Bulgarian new NPP Belene upcoming? (649.) WISE Czech Republik
Groups file challenge in court in attempt to delay Flamanville-3 Nucleonics Week 34, August 24, 2006
Austrian court against Czech buclear plant CTK - Ceská tisková kancelár (Czech News Agency),
Australia: Operating licence for OPAL reactor Sydney Morning Herald, July 14, 2006
Russia decommissioning nuclear submarines on schedule RIA Novosti, 12 July 2006
First trial over Libya's nuclear bomb collapses Guardian (UK), 26 July 2006
Illegal uranium mining in Congo Planet Ark, 24 July 2006
Yucca Nuke dump Planet Ark, 19 July 2006
HEU returns to Russia from Poland Nuclear News Flashes, 10 August 2006
IAEA report om illicit trafficking Nuclear News Flashes, 22 August 2006
Crate with assault weapons unattended in nuclear reactor POGO press release August 15, 2006 at http:/www.pogo.og
Germany: Large majority of population support continuation of phase-out Press release BMU, August 18, 2006,
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