Adder: Nuclear Monitor

City: Washington DC, VS
number 655
Date: 3 May 2007
California: Nuclear revival dies in committee (656.5795) Alliance for nuclear responsibilty
Status of the PBMR development program (655.5796) WISE Amsterdam
Chernobyl disease: Stress or radiation? (655.5797) Laka Foundation
Moore nuclear spin (655.5798) WISE Amsterdam
Development of civil nuclear power industry in China (655.5799) CESDRRC
IPCC:"nuclear energy part of the solution" Guardian (UK), 28 April 2007
Most 2008 US president candidates support nuclear power New York Sun, 20 April 2007
Australia: Labor party changes uranium mining policy Reuters, 28 April 2007
US: More problems for Yucca Mountain Nuclear News Flashes, 18 April 2007
UK: Sellafield bodies has organs removed N-Base Briefing 522, 21 April 2007
Japan: Toyocho votes against repository research World Nuclear News, 23 April 2007
The raging grannies close Vermont Yankee gate Personal email Kavin Kamps, 27 April 2007
France: occupation of pylon near Flamanville Nuclear News Flashes, 16 April 2007
Holiday? Walk towrds a nuclear free future: UK, May 12 - August 6
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