Adder: Nuclear Monitor WISE/NIRS North American Edition

City: Washington USA
number 562
Gambling on Yucca Mountain 2002-01-01NIRS
Petten reactor to "convert" to High Enriched Uranium? 2002-02-01WISE
Heu for targets 2002-02-01New Scientist, 2 May 1998
Finnish government approves fifth reactor; parliament votes still unclear 2002-02-01NuclearFuel, 21 January '02; Nucleonics Week, 24 January '02
When the "turbogenerator of last resort" fails 2002-02-01Nucleonics Week, 7 Feb '02; ASN press release and note, 1Feb
Fifth reactor uneconomical 2002-02-01Reuters, 18 Jan 2002
Dutch court hears evidence that Borssele must close 2002-02-01WISE Amsterdam
Will Bure become the French Yucca Mountain? 2002-02-01WISE Amsterdam
La Hague underestimating radioactive discharges 2002-02-01ACRO
Israel: Dimona death factory exposed 2002-02-01Mordechai Vanunu
232 groups urge congress to reject nuclear dump 2002-02-01Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy and Environment Progra
In brief: U.S. plutonium immobilisation program stopped 2002-02-01WNA News Briefing, 23-29 January 2002
In brief: US license renewal: Hatch, Duke 2002-02-01
In brief: Austrian government survives Temelin referendum 2002-02-01
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