Adder: Nucleus SKI Sweden

City: Stockholm, Sweden
number 3
Amplified safety concepts and an evolving safety regulation2004-01-01Christer Viktorsson
Research in a changing environment2005-01-01Melin, Judith
The (Un)interruptible Power Supply2006-01-01Melin, Judith
New challenges for a new authority2007-01-01Melin, Judith
The fruit of knowledge2007-01-01Helllgren, Raoul
Power uprates - more than a question of just running quicker2005-01-01Garis, Ninos/ Sandervåg, Oddbjörn
From initial application to routine operation. Reviewing the applications for po2007-01-01Garis, Ninos/ Skånberg, Lars
Continued cooperation on severe accidents2006-01-01Garis, Ninos/ Agrenius, Lennart
Oskarshamn invested in five lean years: Stepwise modernisation of the oldest....2004-01-01Anders Hallman
SKI-an agency with special rights2006-01-01Persson, Ingvar
A review of an evoling safety culture. More efficient oversight with the use of2005-01-01Carlsson, Lennart
SKI defines its views on pipe ruptures and leak before break2007-01-01Brickstad, Björn
Digital technology replaces old mechanics2004-01-01Bo Liwång
The art of supporting by giving away2006-01-01Axelsson
The owners planned for increased power -but... The battle of Barsebäck settled a2005-01-01Hellgren, Raoul
Safety must be above economics2006-01-01Värnild, Ola
Nothing to be swept under the carpet: on-site studies at Forsmark and Simpevarp2004-01-01Öivind Toverud
Marviken's nuclear power plant. An industrial and political project out of step2007-01-01Wikdahl, Carl-Erik
Better ability to protect against intrusion. New Swedish rules for physical prot2005-01-01Isaksson, Stig
Tactical game about strategic weapons2006-01-01Dassen, Lars van
Residual tensions after 30 years: Investigation of Containment Buildings2004-01-01Patrik Andersson
Appraisal of component safety. High ambition to prevent component failures2005-01-01Skånberg, Lars
Noise analysis was born Oak Ridge2006-01-01Pázsit, Imre
International Experiments provided improved grounds for evaluating accident cons2007-01-01Sandervåg, Oddbjörn
Reorganisation cab affect plant safety: Important review assignment for SKI2004-01-01Per-Olof Sandén
Ten years practice says it all. Qualification is a keyword in terms of inspectio2005-01-01Merck, Peter
Determining the fuel's characteristics as important as counting the number of el2007-01-01Fritzell, Anni
SKI developing its view of risk-informed inservice inspection2006-01-01Brickstad, Björn
Growing awereness of risks during nuclear plants yearly outage2005-01-01Bennemo, Lars
New measuring method developed to determine decay heat in spent nuclear fuel2007-01-01Willman, Christofer
The radioactive Sweden. Nuture - a yardstick for radiological hazards?2005-01-01Wingefors, Stig
New part for experts to play. New phase in review of engineered barriers2007-01-01Lilja, Christina
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