Atomreaktoren dienen nicht einfach der Stromproduktion

AuthorInterview mit Dr. roland Kollert
Descriptionüber Atomwaffenprogramme von Schweden, Spanien, Schweiz, Japan, Deutschland ...
Date 1 December 1994
Page number1-4
MagazineStrahlentelex mit Elektrosmog-Report, Berlijn, Duitsland
Year 8
Number of pages 4
Tags: GERMANY - Germany and former West Germany
HIGH ENRICHED URANIUM - fuel test reactors and also suitable for K-weapons
JAPAN - country in Asia
KALKAR, GERMANY - Kalkar, Germany
NUCLEAR WEAPONS - nuclear weapons in general
PLUTONIUM - environment, use, production, discussion transuranic
PROLIFERATION - proliferation of nuclear technology / material / knowledge
SPAIN - country in Europe
WACKERSDORF, DUITSL. - location reprocessing Bavaria (canceled)
SWEDEN - country in Europe
SWITZERLAND - country in Europe

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