Adder Tags

tag description no. of articles
ABBAsea Brown Boveri, created after merger ASEA and BBC3
ABOVE GROUND WASTE STORAGEonly place other than that of production; (from 13/04/04)23
ACCIDENTS REMAINDERSincluding leaks (nuclear weapons and submarines etc.)53
ACERINOXsteel mill in southern Spain, cesium contamination summer 981
ACQUISITIONMerger and / or acquisition elec. and nuclear power plants24
ACRO, FRANCEname of an independent freelancers. research institute1
ACTIONSActions re. nuclear power894
ADRESSENarticle or list of addresses1
ADVANCED NUCLEAR FUELSFuel assembly company, Lingen, Germany1
AEA TECHNOLOGYdaughter UKAEA specializing in engineering2
AECLAtomic Energy Canada Limited, Ottawa, Ontario2
AEGCompany: AEG ag, Frankfurt / Berlin1
AFGHANISTANcountry in Asia1
AHAUS, GERMANYInterim storage location of highly radioactive waste138
AKKUYU, TURKEYlocation possible nuclear power plant (in the Mediterranean)11
AKTAU (MANGYSHIAK)Kazakhstan. Proposed plants, research reactors, u-mining1
ALKEMAlkem, Hanau2
ALMELOUrenco enrichment plant, Netherlands7
ALPAustralian Labor Party2
ALSTHOMAlsthom, Paris1
AMERICAcontinent, see for country: USA2
AMERICIUMAll isotopes9
ANDRAFrance, in charge of nuclear waste storage7
ANF, LINGENAdvanced Nuclear Fuel, splijststofstavenfabriek1
ANGRA, BRAZIL(possible) location of 3 PWR reactors16
ANSTOAustralian Nuclear Science & Technical Organisation2
ANTI-NUCLEAR MOVEMENTAnti-Nuclear Movement (AKB) and environmental organizations466
AREVA GROUPThe Areva Group, French nucl. company from Cogema and Framatome9