Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
ABOVE GROUND WASTE STORAGE only place other than that of production; (from 13/04/04) 3
ACCIDENTS REMAINDERS including leaks (nuclear weapons and submarines etc.) 9
ACID RAIN in relation to nuclear energy 1
ACQUISITION Merger and / or acquisition elec. and nuclear power plants 1
ACTINIDEN actinide burning and research 3
ACTIONS Actions re. nuclear power 78
AEC US Atomic Energy Commission, forerunner NRC (until 1975) 1
AERB, INDIA Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, India 1
AFGHANISTAN country in Asia 1
ALGERIA Country, capital Algiers 1
AMERICIUM All isotopes 1
ANDRA France, in charge of nuclear waste storage 11
ANTI-NUCLEAR MOVEMENT Anti-Nuclear Movement (AKB) and environmental organizations 83
ARAK Iran Nuclear Research Reactor (IR-40), Arak, central Iran 1
AREVA GROUP The Areva Group, French nucl. company from Cogema and Framatome 25
ASN Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire Française 5
ASSE, GERMANY Waste storage & research-facility 2
ATOMIC STATE disqualification, pressure to resign, censorship 1
ATOOMTERRORISME eg dirty bomb 27
AUSTRALIA country, capital Canberra 1
AUSTRIA country in Europe 2
AWARD incl. Nominations / preparation; also for most-maligned 1
BANDAZHEVSKY Belarusian political prisoner t / m '05 (onderz.gezondh.) 13
BATAILLE French law; requires evaluation in 2006 for final storage 2
BELANGENVERSTRENGELING between industry and 'independent' organization 14
BELARUS country (part of Soviet Union till 1-9-1991) 10
BELGIUM country, capital Brussels 4
BELLEVILLE, FRANCE Belleville, France 3
BESSINES, FRANCE VU warehouse in France 1