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Approval of new 10-year operating licences for Asco-1 and -2 29-08-2001 WNAN ASCO, SPANJE EL CABRIL (SPANJE) ENRESA SPAIN LICENSES
Asco-1 and -2 have been granted 10-year extenstions 24-10-2001 WNAN ASCO, SPANJE SPAIN
E.On AG of Germany welcomed the decision by Spanish regulators 01-11-2006 WNAN E-ON ENDESA ACQUISITION SPAIN
E.ON of Germany has launced a EUR29 billion (US$34 billion) cash offer E.ON, 21 February 22-02-2006 WNAN E-ON ENDESA LOBBY COMPANIES ACQUISITION SPAIN
E.On of Germany has sold its 4.99% interest in utility Union Fenosa 21-01-2004 WNAN E-ON ACQUISITION SPAIN ZORITA
Endesa has given details of its plans to disinvist its nuclear 23-05-2001 WNAN ENDESA LOBBY COMPANIES SPAIN
Enel buys Endesa subsidiary Viesgo for 1.87 billion Euros in cash 12-09-2001 WNAN ENDESA ENEL LOBBY COMPANIES SPAIN
Nuclear phase-out for Spain? 10-03-2004 WNAN OPINION -POLITICAL PARTIES PHASE-OUT SPAIN
Plans for a centralized interim storage facility to be constructed NucNet News, 134/06, 26 June 21-06-2006 WNAN WASTE GENERAL LOCATION NEW NUCLEAR FACILITY START UP POLICY SPAIN VANDELLOS, SPANJE VITRIFICATION
Power utilities are considering a plan that would combine 03-07-2002 WNAN ELECTRICITY COMPANIES COOPERATION SPAIN
Preparations are underway to apply for renewal of the operating licence 05-05-2004 WNAN ENDESA LIFETIME EXTENSION PHASE-OUT GOVERNMENT SANTA MARIA DE GAR. SPAIN
Spain cannot rely on an expansion of natural gas plants 04-04-2002 WNAN ENERGY POLICY, GENERAL OPINION GENERAL SPAIN
Spain is considering a late bid to host the proposed ITER 19-12-2001 WNAN ITER SPAIN
Spain nine nuclear power reactors generated a record 30-01-2002 WNAN IMPORTANCE NUCLEAR IN TOTAL ENERGYPRODUCTION SPAIN
Spain's new Socialist Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero 14-04-2004 WNAN IMPORTANCE NUCLEAR IN TOTAL ENERGYPRODUCTION PHASE-OUT GOVERNMENT SPAIN
Spain's nuclear power plants generated 61.8 TWh of electricity in 2003 17-03-2004 WNAN IMPORTANCE NUCLEAR IN TOTAL ENERGYPRODUCTION SPAIN
Spain's oldest commercial nuclear power plant 28-08-2002 WNAN LIFETIME EXTENSION SPAIN ZORITA
Spain's oldest nuclear power plant - Jose Cabrera (Zorita)-will close 09-10-2002 WNAN CLOSURE SPAIN ZORITA
Spain: The energy Infrastructure Plan... Ux Eeekly, 16 September, p4; see also NB 02.36-8 17-09-2002 WNAN IMPORTANCE NUCLEAR IN TOTAL ENERGYPRODUCTION CLOSURE SPAIN ZORITA
Spain: The Jose Cabrera-1 (Zorita-1) nuclear power reactor was permanently shut NucNet News 27 April; Nucl.Week 27 April; Ux Weekly 1 May 26-04-2006 WNAN DECOMMISSIONING PWR CLOSURE SPAIN ZORITA
The country's nine nuclear power reactors generated 63 TWh 19-03-2003 WNAN IMPORTANCE NUCLEAR IN TOTAL ENERGYPRODUCTION SPAIN
The Government will allow utilities to uprate their nuclear power reactors 16-10-2002 WNAN ENERGY POLICY, GENERAL LIFETIME EXTENSION GOVERNMENT SPAIN
The national congress has voted to establish a parliamentary roundtable 18-05-2005 WNAN PARLIAMENT PHASE-OUT SPAIN
The parliament approved plans by state-owned radioactive waste company Utility Week, 12 May 10-05-2006 WNAN WASTE GENERAL ENRESA COSTS NUCLEAR ENERGY LOCATION NEW NUCLEAR FACILITY PARLIAMENT SPAIN
The phase-out of nuclear power by 2024 has been included 28-01-2004 WNAN OPINION -POLITICAL PARTIES PHASE-OUT SPAIN
The Socialist government has not yet established a definitive schedule Ux Weekly, 5 June 01-06-2006 WNAN PHASE-OUT POLICY CLOSURE SPAIN ZORITA
The Vandellos nuclear power plant site has been prosposed 24-04-2002 WNAN ITER NUCLEAR FUSION SPAIN VANDELLOS, SPANJE
Union Fenosa has withdrawn its appeal of a government decision 28-07-2004 WNAN CLOSURE SPAIN ZORITA
Union Fenosa SA is being pressured by the government 02-10-2002 WNAN CLOSURE SPAIN ZORITA