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A whole lot of maybes: Tony Blair's so-called Iraq dossier doesn't prove a thing New Zealand Herald/AAP Sep 26, 2002 01-01-2003 THIR BLIX, HANS CENSORSHIP UNITED KINGDOM INSPECTIONS IRAQ NUCLEAR WEAPONS PERSONS PROLIFERATION ENRICHMENT
North Korea threatens return to plutonium production media reports December & January, cf appendix to Safeguards 01-02-2003 WNA CENTRIFUGES IAEA INSPECTIONS MILITARY USES NORTH KOREA START UP PLUTONIUM TREATIES ENRICHMENT YONGBYON (NOORD KOREA)
Russia leans on Iran over safeguards Financial Times 26/5/03 01-06-2003 WNA BUSHEHR, IRAN IAEA INSPECTIONS IRAN NPT RUSSIA SAFEGUARDS COOPERATION ENRICHMENT