Description: Finland, company for waste management and processing

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(Zonder titel: Cooperation between Swedish and Finnish nuclear waste management) Posiva Oy; Svensk KarnBranslehantering AB 10-07-2001 WNAN WASTE GENERAL FINLAND HIGH ENRICHED URANIUM POSIVA COOPERATION SKB SWEDEN
Posiva Oy has applied for a construction licence 21-05-2003 WNAN FINLAND OLKILUOTO, FINLAND POSIVA RCF LICENSES
Posiva Oy has signed a contract on the first construction stage 24-03-2004 WNAN CONSTRUCTION NUCLEAR POWER PLANT FINLAND OLKILUOTO, FINLAND POSIVA RCF
Svensk KarnBranslehantering AB (SKB) and Posiva Oy 20-09-2006 WNAN FINLAND POSIVA COOPERATION SKB SWEDEN