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Croatia's state power utility Hrvatska Elektroprivreda (HEP) has formally Energy in East Europe, 25 November 23-11-2005 WNAN ELECTRICITY CROATIA KRSKO POLICY COOPERATION SLOWENIA
India is prepared to invest US$1.2 billion on a stake in a uranium mine Nuclear Market Review, 31 May 01-06-2006 WNAN AUSTRALIA CANADA INDIA COSTS NUCLEAR ENERGY POLICY COOPERATION URANIUM MINING
Legislation authorizing the US nuclear agreement with India Nucleonics Week, 16 March 15-03-2006 WNAN ENERGY INDIA PARLIAMENT POLICY COOPERATION UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
President Hugo Chavez announced that his government would asses 05-10-2005 WNAN ARGENTINE BRAZIL POLICY COOPERATION VENEZUELA
Russia is ready to set up an international fuel cycle service centre Itar-Tass, 26 January 26-01-2006 WNAN CONSTRUCTION NUCLEAR POWER PLANT POLICY PROLIFERATION RUSSIA COOPERATION ENRICHMENT
The USA and India signed a civilian nuclear cooperation agreement BBC News Online, 6 March 01-03-2006 WNAN INDIA BREEDER REACTORS POLICY SAFEGUARDS COOPERATION TREATIES UNITED STATES OF AMERICA