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Romania: The Beijing Jianhuan Technology & Trade Co of China... AECL, 28 April; SpentFUEL 8 May; NucNet News 91/06 04-05-2006 WNAN AECL CONSTRUCTION NUCLEAR POWER PLANT CANDU CERNAVODA, ROMANIA FUSION (companies) see: ACQUISITION ROMANIA
Russia: Documents for registration of the merger of OMZ and Siloviye Mashiny... Nucleonics Week, 10 June, p8 09-06-2004 WNAN CONSTRUCTION NUCLEAR POWER PLANT FUSION (companies) see: ACQUISITION PRIVATISATION RUSSIA
The government has approved a long-term energy strategy 01-02-2006 WNAN BOHUNICE, SLOVAKIA CONSTRUCTION NUCLEAR POWER PLANT ENEL FUSION (companies) see: ACQUISITION MOCHOVCE, SLOVAKIA SLOVAKIA