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Description: Electromagnetic radiation / field

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(just about) Nowhere is safe from the mobile phone Firstenberg, Arthur 01-12-1997 THIR EMF RESEARCH INSTITUTEN GENERAL TECHNICAL INFORMATION
(Zonder titel: electromagnetische straling niet door hoogspanningsmasten) 01-12-2001 THIR EMF HEALTH POPULATION UNITED KINGDOM NRPB RESEARCH INSTITUTEN
A panel of US experts has concluded 01-09-1998 THIR EMF HEALTH POPULATION UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Britain's House of Commons 01-12-1999 THIR EMF UNITED KINGDOM PARLIAMENT
Evidence that normal levels of mobilephone radiation 01-09-2002 THIR EMF RESEARCH INSTITUTEN
First link to brain damage. Swedish research suggests possible death of brain ce 01-03-2003 THIR EMF HEALTH POPULATION RESEARCH INSTITUTEN SWEDEN