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Japan and France are considering joint use of the Monju Nuclear Market Review, 30 September 28-09-2005 WNAN FRANCE ITER JAPAN MONJU, JAPAN ACCIDENTS NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS START UP COOPERATION
Japan and the European Union (EU) failed to resolve their dispute 24-03-2004 WNAN EU / EC INDIA ITER JAPAN SITE SELECTION PROCEDURE COOPERATION
Rokkasho-mura has been approved 29-05-2002 WNAN ITER JAPAN ROKKASHO
The European Union (EU) and Japan will seek to agree before July 13-04-2005 WNAN CADARACHE, FRANCE EU / EC ITER JAPAN LOCATION NEW NUCLEAR FACILITY ROKKASHO
The US should rejoin the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor ... NucNet News, 297/02 24-09-2002 WNAN CANADA EU / EC ITER JAPAN NUCLEAR FUSION RUSSIA UNITED STATES OF AMERICA