Description: France, in charge of nuclear waste storage

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Andra - the radioactive waste managment agency 17-10-2001 WNAN ANDRA FRANCE CONTRACTS GOVERNMENT
Andra has received some 600 tonnes of very low-level radioactive waste 10-12-2003 WNAN ANDRA FRANCE SOULAINES-DHUYS
Andra, the national nuclear waste management agency, plans to submit 10-03-2004 WNAN ANDRA EDF FRANCE METHODS WASTE STORAGE DECOMMISSIONING
The case underpinning construction of a potential nuclear waste repository Nuclear Fuel, 13 February 08-02-2006 WNAN ANDRA BURE FRANCE
The world's first centre dedicated to the disposal of very-low-level 27-08-2003 WNAN ANDRA FRANCE LOCATION NEW NUCLEAR FACILITY