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A feasibility study has been initiated assessing the development FreshFUEL, 27 March 22-03-2006 WNAN CONSTRUCTION NUCLEAR POWER PLANT ESKOM see also ESCOM KOEBERG RESEARCH INSTITUTEN PBMR SOUTH AFRICA
Eskom Enterprises announced that it successfully tested 04-12-2002 WNAN ESCOM - ZUIDAFRIKA RESEARCH INSTITUTEN PBMR
South Africa: A program to develop human capital and improve research... FreshFUEL, 14 June, p3; Nuclear Market Review, 11 June, p3 09-06-2004 WNAN KOEBERG RESEARCH INSTITUTEN RESEARCH REACTORS PBMR SUBSIDIES FOR NUCLEAR POWER SOUTH AFRICA
The government has released the feasibility study 24-07-2002 WNAN RESEARCH INSTITUTEN PBMR SOUTH AFRICA