Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
PHASE-OUT Intention / treaties stop nuclear energy 2
GOVERNMENT State Directors (see parliament to parliament) 11
ELECTRICITY COMPANIES Electricity Companies 5
NECKAR(-WESTHEIM) location 2 PWR reactors, Germany 1
OBRIGHEIM, GERMANY location 1 PWR reactor 1
LABOUR POLICY company policies regarding personel as well as wider 5
PHILIPSBURG, DUITSL. location 2 reactors (BWR 1 & 1 PWR) 1
LA HAGUE, FRANCE reprocessing; see also LA MANCHE; Waste is close 2
TRANSPORTS GENERAL Nuclear transports general 4
EMPLOYERS Employers / K.I.V.I. / Large consumers. see also PERSONEELSBEL. 1
EMPLOYEES of Nucl. inst .; see also PERSONNEL; No health 4
CADARACHE, FRANCE Cadarache; Rhapsody, France 1
EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH fundamental (particles) 2
CENSORSHIP including (attempts) to conceal or alter information 23
DECOMMISSIONING reactor decommissioning; incl. nuclear weapons 5
CLEANUP SITES Remediation and restoration (no dismantling facilities) 2
UITZENDWERK temporary work and subcontracting in nuclear installations. 2
COST COMPARISON in cash and / or for profit 4
LIFETIME EXTENSION Lifetime extension of reactors 6
EXPORT import and export; No power! (See IMPORT than ATOMIC POWER) 1
IMPORTATION NUCLEAR ELECTRICITY import and export nuclear power internationally 1
LEGISLATION international (or national) legislation on nuclear energy 15
HEALTH POPULATION healtheffect on population of radioactivity 9
GOLFECH, FRANCE Golfech, France 33
DISCHARGES AIR Radioactive discharges and pollution of the air 16
RADIATION MEASUREMENTS also measured transgression norm but see standard height: STR.NORM 17
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 7