Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
RAPID-L New type mini reactor, Japan 1
TACIS Technical Assistance to economic reform and recovery in the 1
ZAPOROZHE Also: Zaporozhse or znPP (Zaporizhzhia NPP) in Ukraine 1
TAJIKISTAN country (part of Soviet Union till 1-9-1991) 1
KAMINOSEKI Location of BWR plants, Japan 1
GRAVELINES, FRANCE Gravelines, France 1
BYRON, USA Byron, Illinois, USA 1
MORSLEBEN, GERMANY location underground waste storage 1
WHO World Health Organisation, United Nations 1
NATURAL RADIATION also called background radiation 1
MISCELLANIOUS other than: sterilization, agriculture, food irradiation, NDT 1
LANZHOU Enrichment Plant in China 1
RADIOACTIVITY GENERAL Radioactivity - general 1
WISE World Information Service on Energy (incl later. NIRS) 1
DUKCHUN Dukchun, PWR reactor, South Korea 1
ENS Euro Nuclear Services BV, laundry in Coevorden 1
MOROCCO country in Africa 1
EL CABRIL (SPANJE) Storage lava / mava in Cordoba province 1
BANGLADESH country in Asia 1
ROOPPUR Rooppur, Bangladesh 1
SINGORI Singori, Ziud Korea 1
SINWOLSONG Sinwolsong, South Korea 1
SOUTH AMERICA part of continent 1
BELLEVILLE, FRANCE Belleville, France 1
UNIVERSITY Universities / Colleges 1
BEWAG - BERL.KRAFT.. Berliner Kraft und Licht AG 1
GOESGEN, ZWITSERLAND location 1 PWR Switzerland 1
TRACTEBEL Tracon BV Rotterdam 1
BLOCK HEATING by nuclear power 1