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tag description no. of articles
RAPID-LNew type mini reactor, Japan1
TACISTechnical Assistance to economic reform and recovery in the1
ZAPOROZHEAlso: Zaporozhse or znPP (Zaporizhzhia NPP) in Ukraine1
TAJIKISTANcountry (part of Soviet Union till 1-9-1991)1
KAMINOSEKILocation of BWR plants, Japan1
GRAVELINES, FRANCEGravelines, France1
BYRON, USAByron, Illinois, USA1
MORSLEBEN, GERMANYlocation underground waste storage1
WHOWorld Health Organisation, United Nations1
NATURAL RADIATIONalso called background radiation1
MISCELLANIOUSother than: sterilization, agriculture, food irradiation, NDT1
LANZHOUEnrichment Plant in China1
RADIOACTIVITY GENERALRadioactivity - general1
WISEWorld Information Service on Energy (incl later. NIRS)1
DUKCHUNDukchun, PWR reactor, South Korea1
ENSEuro Nuclear Services BV, laundry in Coevorden1
MOROCCOcountry in Africa1
EL CABRIL (SPANJE)Storage lava / mava in Cordoba province1
BANGLADESHcountry in Asia1
ROOPPURRooppur, Bangladesh1
SINGORISingori, Ziud Korea1
SINWOLSONGSinwolsong, South Korea1
SOUTH AMERICApart of continent1
BELLEVILLE, FRANCEBelleville, France1
UNIVERSITYUniversities / Colleges1
BEWAG - BERL.KRAFT..Berliner Kraft und Licht AG1
GOESGEN, ZWITSERLANDlocation 1 PWR Switzerland1
TRACTEBELTracon BV Rotterdam1
BLOCK HEATINGby nuclear power1