Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
ELECTRABEL Belgian electricity company (owner kc) 1
SUEZ French utility company 1
VVER/RBMK Technology and safety of type of Eastern European nuclear power plant 1
NDA Nuclear Deco Missio Ning Authority (liable GB) 1
NII Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (UK) 1
THORP part of Sellafield reprocessing plant GB 1
NUCLEAR WEAPONS nuclear weapons in general 4
SCIENCE, ROLE OF individually or as a group; no opinion of scientists 1
GULF WAR name of the war in Iraq and Kuwait 2
FORSMARK, ZWEDEN Forsmark, Sweden 2
INES 0 IAEA classification severity of accidents (no safety significance) 1
PARLIAMENT Decision position in discussion / of .... 1
LA MANCHE, FRANCE waste storage: Centre de Stockage de la Manche (CSM) La Hague 2
INTERNATIONAL WASTE STORAGE plans (+ discussion) export / import waste for storage 2
IGNALINA location Lithuania (till 1-9-1991 Soviet Union) 1
LITOUWEN country (part of Soviet Union till 1-9-1991) 1
FIJI Land, Micronesia / Pacific 1
NEW ZEALAND country in Australia 1
COOLING TOWERS for cooling associated with nuclear power 2
ADRESSEN article or list of addresses 1
AEG Company: AEG ag, Frankfurt / Berlin 1
SKI -INSPECTION Statens Kärnkraft Inspectorate, Sweden 1
SACLAY (FR.) location research reactor France 1
CRYPTON all radioactive isotopes; eg. Kr-85 1
IEER Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (US) 1
GSIEN Scientifiques pour l'Information sur l'Energie Nucléai 3
POLICY or combine with LAND COMPANY NAME 1