Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
BIRMA Myanmar, country in Asia, capital Naypyidaw 1
ITALY country in Europe 1
ATOMENERGOPROM Atomenergoprom: Russia 1
ALP Australian Labor Party 1
ESBWR European Simplified Boiling Water Reactor 2
GE - GENERAL ELECTRIC General Electric S Fairfield 1
SCIENCE, ROLE OF individually or as a group; no opinion of scientists 1
EMPLOYERS Employers / K.I.V.I. / Large consumers. see also PERSONEELSBEL. 1
ZORITA location Jose Cabrera, Spain 2
FORATOM Lobby for the nuclear industry in the EU 2
BELARUS country (part of Soviet Union till 1-9-1991) 1
IEA International Energy Agency, Brussels 2
HIGH TENSION NETWORK property, physical presence See also: EMS 1
AUSTRIA country in Europe 1
FUSION (companies) see: ACQUISITION See takeover 1
SHIKA, JAPAN Shika, Japan 2
SAFETY EARTHQUAKES Also volcanism and risks of earthquakes 1
LONDON DUMPING CONVENTON London Dumping Convention. 1
RE-USE / RECYCLE Rad. material as waste, highly enriched uranium, etc 1
CHURCHES opinion of churches about nuclear energy 2
TOSHIBA CORPORATION Toshiba Corporation Chiyoda-ku, Tonyo 100 1
IEER Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (US) 1
PALO VERDE, USA Palo Verde, Arizona, USA 1
ILLEGAL TRADE Illegal trade in nuclear materials. 1
DIMITROVGRAD, RUSLAND Research center: ao. BOR-60 FBR 1
NPA Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act (US) 1
FORSMARK, ZWEDEN Forsmark, Sweden 2
HTR high temperature reactors; including HTGR, THTR 1
INL Idaho National Laboratory; USA 1