Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
MAGNOX ELECTRIC busines (GB) to Administer Magnox.; daughter BNFL; arise '96 1
ASN Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire Française 1
GERMANY Germany and former West Germany 1
NIRS Nuclear Information and Resource Service 1
EXHIBITION Museums, ed. 1
WISE World Information Service on Energy (incl later. NIRS) 1
HINKLEY POINT location United Kingdom 3
FLAMANVILLE EPR, FRANCE location future EPR; France 1
WHO World Health Organisation, United Nations 1
BULGARIA country in Europe, capital: Sofia 1
IMPORTATION NUCLEAR ELECTRICITY import and export nuclear power internationally 1
KOZLODUY, BULGARIA Kozloduy, Bulgaria 1
POLONIUM polonium isotopes 1
YEMEN country in Middle East 1
FORSMARK, ZWEDEN Forsmark, Sweden 1
SWEDEN country in Europe 1
ILLEGAL OPERATION by nucl. industry; not by activists; no trade 1
TRADE UNIONS opinion / position of trade unions (not just Netherlands!) 1
MILITARY USES dual use 1
UKAEA United Kingdom atomic energy agency 1
UNDERGROUND WASTE DISPOSAL (Introduced on 3.13.04; WASTE ALG was without WASTE ON SITE S) 2
BRIBERY Bribery scandal. 1
LABOUR POLICY company policies regarding personel as well as wider 1
EXPORT import and export; No power! (See IMPORT than ATOMIC POWER) 1
DEPLETED URANIUM IN WEAPONS KE and depleted uranium; for 'weapons-grade' see NUCLEAR WEAPONS 1
EPR European pressurized water reactor 3
PHASE-OUT Intention / treaties stop nuclear energy 1
POLICY or combine with LAND COMPANY NAME 22