Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
WHO World Health Organisation, United Nations 2
GLOBAL IMPORTANCE OF NUCLEAR POWER Nuclear interest in total production 1
MILITARY ATTACKS consequences of military attacks on nuclear facilities 1
TVO Finnish electricity producer 1
URANIUM RESOURCES & PRICE well production rates; no mining and environmental impacts 2
FORSMARK, ZWEDEN Forsmark, Sweden 1
START UP putting into use 1
MUF: MAT. UNACCOUNTED FOR missing material (yet) unknown which (safeguard term) 1
GASUNIE NV Gasunie NV Dutch Groningen 1
SHELL, ROYAL ... Royal Shell, Dutch-British consortium 1
BELRAD, BELARUS In 2006, some independent freelancers. stayed research institute 1
TRAWNSFYNYDD, GB location two Magnox reactors 1
ACRO, FRANCE name of an independent freelancers. research institute 2
HIGH TENSION NETWORK property, physical presence See also: EMS 4
COOLING TOWERS for cooling associated with nuclear power 3
COBALT All isotopes 1
MISCELLANIOUS other than: sterilization, agriculture, food irradiation, NDT 1
HISTORY OF NUCLEAR Also installations, countries etc. 1
DRIGG possible waste repository near Sellafield 1
MUHLEBERG location Switzerland, 1 BWR reactor 1
ITER International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor 5
ALDERMASTON GB location, production of nuclear weapons 1
INDIA country in Asia 1
GORLEBEN, GERMANY waste storage castor and salt domes. No Sch. Konrad and PKA 1
SALTDOMES storing waste / investigation 1
MAYAK waste storage location Russia 1
IRELAND country in Europe 1
FLAMANVILLE EPR, FRANCE location future EPR; France 5
CEA France: Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique 3