Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
EURATOM EU treaty 2
COSTS NUCLEAR ENERGY Atomic energy costs 37
DEPLETED URANIUM residual product of enrichment 2
VIETNAM country in Asia 1
COOPERATION between companies, governments or government bodies bedr.en 35
EDUCATION regarding nuclear energy course 1
SHIPS / SUBMARINES powered by nuclear reactors 6
PADUCAH The Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PGDP) is a facility located in McCracken County, Kentucky, near Paducah, Kentucky that produced enriched uranium 1952–2013. 1
URANIUM RESOURCES & PRICE well production rates; no mining and environmental impacts 4
USEC United States Enrichment Corporation 4
GASDIFFUSION enrichment method 1
TECHNETIUM Technetium 1
SOUTH KOREA country 14
KEDO Korean Energy Development Org. (LWR supply for N Korea) 43
ABB Asea Brown Boveri, created after merger ASEA and BBC 1
STONE & WEBSTER ENGINEER. S & W Engineering Corporation: USA: clouded by KEDO deal 1
NORTH KOREA Country in Asia (DPRK: Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea) 116
NSG Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) 9
EXPORT import and export; No power! (See IMPORT than ATOMIC POWER) 24
MINATOME Russian Ministry of Nuclear Energy 6
SYRIA country in Middle East 2
BURNS & ROE ENTERPRISES vs-business including tritium production concerned Savannah River 1
TRITIUM incl. OBT (organically-bound tritium) 7
CHERNOBYL -DISASTER accident (26-4-1986) and effects in reactor 4 2
ALDERMASTON GB location, production of nuclear weapons 2
AWE Atomic Weapons Establishment (GB) 5
INSPECTIONS to health safety. See safeguards for proliferation 4