Adder Tags

tag description no. of articles
CHERNOBYL4 reactors in Ukraine133
CHERNOBYL -DISASTERaccident (26-4-86) and effects in reactor 4996
CHEROKEE, USACherokee, South Carolina, USA3
CHEVIOTSpotential waste storage location - GB1
CHILEcountry in (South) America9
CHIN-SHAN, TAIWANChin-Shan, Taiwan9
CHINAcountry in Asia571
CHINON, FRANCEChinon, France19
CHONGQINGChongqing, two reactors, China1
CHOOZ, FRANCEChooz, France41
CHUBU EPCOChubu Electric Power Co.40
CHURCH ROCKUranium Mining; USA19
CHURCHESopinion of churches about nuclear energy20
CIGAR LAKECigar Lake; uranium mining, Canada32
CITY COUNCILDecision position, discussion .. (of course also abroad)108
CIVAUX, FRANCECivaux, France33
CLABSweden, underground interim storage16
CLARINGTONClarington, Canada (alt. Location ITER)4
CLAY(Investigation) nuclear waste storage in clay71
CLEANUP SITESRemediation and restoration (no dismantling facilities)443
CLINCH RIVER, USAClinch River, Tennessee, USA20
CLINTON, USAReactor, Illinois, USA61
CLOSUREfinally closing a nuclear plant802
CNEANatioanl Atomic Energy Commission; Argentina3
CNECChina Nuclear Engineering and Construction1
CNENComitato Nazionale per l'Energia Nucleare, Italy12
CNEN, BRAZILIENational Committee for Nuclear Energy: Brazil3
CNFCompagnie Francaise Nucléaire1
CNNCChina National Nuclear Corporation; China40