Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
COST COMPARISON in cash and / or for profit 328
COSTA RICA country (Central) America 2
COSTS NUCLEAR ENERGY Atomic energy costs 3527
COUNTER NUCLEAR TERRORISM TEAM police / military teams from (threat) nucl. terrorism 1
COVRA Netherlands: Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste 80
CPD int. decommissioning-related cooperation (knowledge) 1
CRÉDIT LYONNAIS BANK Credit Lyonnais Bank Netherlands NV Rotterdam 1
CREUSOT-LOIRE Creusot-Loire 9
CRIIRAD French investigative / NGO laboratory 67
CROATIA country, former Yugoslavia 11
CRUAS MEYSSE Meysse Cruas, France 10
CRYPTON all radioactive isotopes; eg. Kr-85 59
CRYSTAL RIVER, VS Crystal River, USA 13
CTBT comprehensive test ban treaty 225
CUBA country (Central) America 15
CURIUM Curium, all isotopes 9
CZECH REPUBLIC country in Europe, part of former Czechoslovakia 227
CZECHOSLOVAKIA country in Europe, later split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia 28
DAE, INDIA Department of Atomic Energy, India 20
DAMPIERRE, FRANCE Dampierre, France 14
DANFYSIK Danfysik A / S, Jyllinge, Denmark 1
DARLINGTON, CANADA Darlington, Canada 17
DAVIS-BESSE Davis-Besse reactor, USA 109
DAYA BAY PWR reactor: Guangdong, China 15
DBE-DEUTSCHE GESELL. Deutsche Gesellschaft zum Bau und Betrieb von Endlagern fur 4
DECOMMISSIONING reactor decommissioning; incl. nuclear weapons 826
DEEP SEA RESEARCH WASTE Deep Sea Research for storage yard waste 25
DEGUSSA AG Degussa Ag Frankfurt am Main 8
DEILMAN HANIEL GMBH Together with Thyssen AG Schachtbau owner Scha Real Gorleben 1