Adder tags

tag description no. of articles
ABOVE GROUND WASTE STORAGE only place other than that of production; (from 13/04/04) 4
SAFEGUARDS Check new treaty IAEA against military use civilian nucl.mat 9
DISCHARGES subdivided into air, land or water 1
ACR-700 ACR-700 new type of heavy water reactor; Canada 1
ESBWR European Simplified Boiling Water Reactor 1
SANMEN AP 1000 / PWR reactor: Zhejiang, China 3
YANGJIANG PWR reactor: Guangdong, China 3
ATOOMTERRORISME eg dirty bomb 2
THEFT / MISSING Theft + loss + DIY 1
HIGH ENRICHED URANIUM fuel test reactors and also suitable for K-weapons 1
EDF Electricité de France, Paris 2
ELBARADEI, MOHAMED IAEA Director General 1997 - 1
IUC International Uranium Corp. (IUC) 1
CADARACHE, FRANCE Cadarache; Rhapsody, France 1
CHIN-SHAN, TAIWAN Chin-Shan, Taiwan 1
DAYA BAY PWR reactor: Guangdong, China 1
LING AO PWR reactor: Guangdong, China 1
MAANSHAN, TAIWAN Maanshan, Taiwan 1
SHIN KORI Shin Kori, South Korea 1
TIANWAN VVER reactor: Jiangsu, China 1
CLEANUP SITES Remediation and restoration (no dismantling facilities) 1
FUSION (companies) see: ACQUISITION See takeover 1
IDAHO NEL Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL), USA 1
ACTINIDEN actinide burning and research 1
DOE - USA Department of Energy, Department of Energy 1
KAZAKHSTAN country (part of Soviet Union till 1-9-1991) 7
TENEX Techsnabexport 2
THERMAL EFFECTS thermal pollution from nuclear energy 1
POLICE Police action 1
GNEP Global Nuclear Energy Partnership 2